4 PM - Quicker and Easier than iMovie or Movie Maker - Velma Hunter, HISD (3 CPEs)
9 AM - Dare to use Audacity - Polly Simpkins, Coppell ISD (.75 CPE)
Notes:  go to website to download handout. Learned how to add music in the background and "envelope" the music so it gets quieter during the talking - really good!
Freeplay & Sounds Abound
Sometimes need to conver the media inorder to work? Not sure about this
Reader's Theater
ESL - students wear iPods and listen to text book as they read it.
Star Radio show-Conduct interviews
Booktalks to promote books - PP slide with talking and background music
1 PM - Mobile Phones for Learning! - Raymond Hartfield, AT&T (1.5 CPE)
Text message "GOOGLE" - pizza and zip code, schools and zip code, SWA 320 - get departure and arrival time, from Houston to Austin - get milage
http://www.polleverywhere.com - minute free activity, students can be anywhere, after school, weekend
record fluency podcasts in foreigh languages, review lectures on own time, podcasting for parents and community
http://manybooks.net - free ebooks for your pda, iPhone, or eBook reader
http://gabcast.com - podcasting - access codes to that session
Fact: AT&T - 80 billion test meesages processed on their network in Jan 09
Fact: 42% of AT&T workers don't have an office space
Linked In & Eventful
Collaboration Nation Wikispaces
Horizon 2007 Annual Report in Education Technology
Copyright, Content Creation, Protection of Privacy & Ethical Use
Code: 36154 - 15% discount on monthly service for education
legions of mobile warriors - leveraging tech they already have - preparing them to work for AT&T
A Whole New Mind - Daniel Pink
3 PM - Web 2.0: Create - Communicate - Connect - Collaborate - Howie DiBlasi, Digital Journey (1.5 CPE)
Greate handout
Web 1.0 - webmasters controlled the content - computer based
Web 2.0 - connections, manipulate data, puts people first - in teh cloud, web-based, re-use, re-mix
Look up:
Creative commons
Google forums
Teach 42 - Steve Dembo
Global Ambassadors + Kennedy
Pageflakes - more public than iGoogle
scratch.mit.edu - program the cat to teach programming - upload and download
ThinkQuest - tons of projects  http://www.think.com
CILC "IBC" ? free database collaboration projects
Twitter - parents are following their students during the day
Will Richardson, David Warlick
http://photobucket.com - provides "free video and photo sharing"
Jumpcut - upload and edit videos on this website
Vyew - a free webinar solution - simlar to WebEx and Elluminate
IMbee - social network for kids
on wikispaces - need to go to bottom and find box to say you're an educator - no ads
http://letterpop.com - Newsletter on the Web - :-( costs money
Storytelling Alice - http://www.alice.org/index.php?page=downloads/download_alice - Alice 2.0 is designed for high school and college students. Storytelling Alice is designed for middle school students.
8 AM - Interactive Excel - Karen Ferrell, Northwest ISD (.75 CPE)
RandBetween Function
9 AM - What's in it for Me? - Linda Duncan & Becky Hills, Deer Park ISD (.75 CPE)
11 AM - Podcasting: Implementing Instructional Podcast - Dwight Goodwin & Cheryl McKnight, Birdville ISD (.75 CPE)
12 PM - Model Classroom:
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