Michaelmas 2016/Hilary 2017

The journal club will meet at 2:00pm on Thursday this semester unless otherwise noted. 


 Week  Speaker
 Topic References Notes

Aspects of modular and Jacobi forms


Small Black Holes and Near-Extremal CFTs

1603.08524, 0805.4216 (?)

 6KikoThe S-matrix Bootstrap1607.06109, 1607.06110
 8 & 9DmytroSYK Model1604.07818 (?) 
   Asymptotic Uniqueness of the Veneziano Amplitude  1607.04253 
2Tristan 4D Scattering Amplitudes and Asymptotic Symmetries from 2D CFT 1609.00732  
 5KikoQuantum Complexity and Negative Curvature1608.02612, 1701.01107 


BPS spectra and 3-manifold invariants 1701.06567  by Gukov, Pei, Putrov, Vafa