Tristram Cox


Consulting Engineer

Optics and Laser Applications                                                 
Opto-Electro-Mechanical Prototyping                                           

Cambridge, UK

I help companies working with modern optics when short-term expertise is required.

Specializing in the development stages of products, my expertise and prototyping capability can cut time and cost from your project schedule. My technical skills are also available to help guide and mentor existing Engineering staff, giving an opportunity for the company to spend time to recruit the right full-time employees without suffering delays.

I also perform in a support role, when specalised and specific work is required. Here, I can benefit your company by providing a cost efficient way to deal with difficult tasks, such as sourcing obsolete components, replication of a previous prototype design or technical proofreading.

Having my own in-house capability to fabricate electronic and mechanical parts ensures rapid turn-around for change intensive prototyping. Additionally, there are some limited in-house facilities for testing and chemical operations. However, having already established relationships with a range of external specialists, in the UK and EU, project objectives can be met quickly.