Thursday, OCT 19, 2017 - Lunch @11:30 AM, Historic Dodgertown, U.S. Navy Birthday. VADM Alan Thompson, SC, USN, (Ret.), former Director of the Defense Logistics Agency -- “Recognizing Our U.S. Navy, Remembering W.W. II U.S. NAS Vero Beach and Connecting to Dodgertown”

Thursday, NOV 16, 2017 – Dinner @ Pointe West, U.S. Marine Corps Birthday. CPT Doy Demsick, USMCR, Iraq Veteran and Executive Officer of Vero Beach Veterans Next Generation --“Engaging and Supporting Veterans of Conflicts in the Middle East and the War on Terror”

Thursday, DEC 14, 2017 – Dinner @ 5:30 PM, Pointe West

David W. Hunter, retired U.S. Diplomat who was stationed in Seoul for four years -- “A Perspective on North Korea”   

Tuesday, JAN 16, 2018 – Dinner @ 5:30 PM, Pointe West

RADM Edward E. McGinley, USN (Ret.) Submariner, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, former Maintenance Officer for the Pacific Fleet, CO of the Naval Surface Warfare Center and Vice-Commander of NAVSEASYSCOM as well as the Navy’s Senior Engineering Duty Officer “Building and Maintaining the U. S. Navy’s 21st Century Fleet”

Thursday, FEB 8, 2018 – Dinner @ 5:30 PM, Pointe West 60th Anniversary of F.I.T. Dr. Scott Tilley, Professor  of Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology, Author, Founder/President of The Center for Technology and Society, Florida Today Contributor --  “The Growth of Big Data – Societal and Security Implications”

Tuesday, MAR 13, 2018 – Dinner @ 5:30 PM, Pointe West U.S. Merchant Marine Program. Mark Yonge, Founder & Managing Member, Marine Transport and Logistics Advisors, LLC --“A Look at America’s Merchant Marine”

Thursday, APR 19, 2018 – Dinner @ 5:30 PM, Pointe West, U. S. Coast Guard Program. CAPT Megan Dean, Commander, USCG Sector Miami and Captain of the Port – “The Daily Work of Our Coast Guard in Sector Miami”

Thursday, May 17, 2017 – Dinner@ 5:30 PM, Pointe West, Navy League Scholarship Awards. Col. Carroll Oates, USA (Ret.) - Indian River County Veterans Association's "Veterans In The Classroom" Program.