Gross and microscopic anatomy of the skin:
Identify the three layers of the skin.
Identify and describe the tissue types that comprise the epidermis.
Name the cell types present in the epidermis with their corresponding role.  
Describe the two layers of the dermis.  Identify the tissue types that form each layer.
Name the layers of epidermis.  How do these differ between thin skin and thick skin?
Identify the different receptors for sensation in the skin with their specific location.
Be able to identify in hair: the follicle, arrector pili muscle, and the hair root plexus.
Differentiate between eccrine, apocrine, and sebaceous glands.  Be able to identify each structure.
Correlate the structure and function of the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.
Delineate the pigments that contribute to skin color.  
Describe the role of keratin in the epidermis.
Describe how the epidermal layers form and grow.
       Panopto Skin Anatomy Lecture

General functions of the skin and subcutaneous layer:
Describe the general functions of the skin.  
Relate skin functions to homeostatic maintenance.
       Unmasking Skin - Great article from National Geographic that highlights homeostatic functions of the skin.
Describe the different protective functions of the skin.
Describe the general functions of the subcutaneous layer of the skin (the hypodermis).
Elucidate the contribution of the skin to body temperature.
Describe the role of Merkel cells, Meissner’s corpuscles, Pacinian corpuscles, and hair follicles in cutaneous sensation.
Elucidate the functions of eccrine, apocrine, and sebaceous glands.  
Describe the composition of each glands secretions.
        Panopto Skin Function Lecture

Hair and Nails
Delineate between velus and terminal hair.

Discuss the role of hormones in hair growth.
Panopto Hair and Nails Lecture (Links to an external site.)

Disruption of skin homeostasis:

Explain the process of healing wounds in the skin.

Differentiate between 1o, 2o, and 3o burns.  Define and recognize a critical burn.  
Define the “ABCD rule”.  Describe the three principal types of skin cancer.
Panopto Skin Dishomeostasis Lecture

More information on melanoma

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