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Supplemental Material

Cell Size Comparsion - interactive tool to help picture how big or small a cell really is.
Harvard Inner Life of a Cell video - 3D animation showing the inside of a white blood cell with narration.
Harvard Inner Life of a Cell video - 3D animation showing the inside of a white blood cell with music.
Cells Alive - interactive plant and animal cell models.
Inside a Cell - another interactive plant or animal cell model.
Design A Cell - Overview of the parts of prokaryotic, plant, and animal cells.
Parts of a Cell - a YouTube Video explaining the parts of a cell.

Fluid Mosaic Model - YouTube Video about the structure of the plasma membrane.
Mitochondrial Metabolism - Animation that outlines the steps in mitochondrial ATP generation.
Photosynthesis Overview - a YouTube video explaining photosynthesis.
What’s the Deal with Carbon? - an explanation of the carbon cycle.
Cole and the Carbon Cycle - humorous overview of the carbon cycle.
Time History of CO2 - changes in atmospheric CO2 over time.
Case of the Missing Carbon - National Geographic article.
Global Warming 101 - video from National Geographic

Brief Overview of Mitosis - General overview
Stages of Mitosis - Incredible graphics show the different stages of mitosis
Synchronized Swimming Mitosis
Meiosis - with Legos.  One of my favorites!

Punnett Square Practice - This site has some great practice problems!

Overview of DNA structure
- YouTube Video
Molecular Visualization of DNA Replication - YouTube Video.  No words, but nice image of the replication fork.
Central Dogma of Biochemistry - Interactive "one gene-one protein" discussion.
Protein Structure - Flash on four levels of protein structure.
Cancer - National Cancer Institute flash-based videos on the cell cycle and cancer development.

Complete Works on Charles Darwin Online

Khan Academy Video on Natural Selection - using owl moths as an example.
Who Wants to Live a Million Years? - Online, *fun* interactive game from the Discovery Channel that you watch natural selection in progress.
Eskeletons - Comparison of human skeletons with other primates.