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Sundara Ramasamy Award for Contribution to Tamil Computing 

Invitations for nominations

Sundara Ramasamy Award for Contribution to Tamil Computing is presented annually in recognition of seminal contribution to Tamil Computing. Managed by the Literary Garden, this award is funded by the Kalachuvadu Trust. The awardee receives $1,000 Canadian dollars in cash and a plaque, during the annual Iyal Virudhu celebration of the Literary Garden.  The recipient will be selected by an international panel of independent judges. 
The Tamil Literary Garden invites nominations for the 2015 award. Nominations can be submitted in Tamil or English in the prescribed form. While we strongly recommend giving as much information about the nominee and his contribution as possible, you may omit details that are not known. However the forms should be complete with the details of the nominator.

The deadline for the submission of nominations is 15 Feb 2015.

You may submit your nomination by email to tcaward@gmail.com


Sundara Ramasamy Award for Contribution to Tamil Computing

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