Connecting Ecosystems Around the World

What do the rainforest and the tundra have in common? What are apex predators and where do they live? Explore the interconnectedness of the Arctic, how this compares to other ecosystems, and how one small change in the web can have serious consequences.

Extreme Ecosystems Lesson Plan

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An Excellent Repository of Lessons and Resources for Educators and Students
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The above NMC Academy mini–course
 for educators created by Polar Bears International is an excellent resource for learning about various ecosystems and their connections to the Arctic. The mini–course has both background information for educators as well as resources to use with students. It is offered as a moderated course at various times throughout the year, but it is always available for self–directed learning and resource acquisition.

EDUCATORS—Climate Change Lessons:
Resources and lessons on Climate Change and its affect on polar bears can be found on the
"Bears in a Warming World" site page.

Climate Change Activity for Students—click the image below, but ignore the part about posting to the G+ Community.
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