Bears in a Warming World

Bears In a Warming World(Zoo audience) Climate change isn’t only impacting polar bears, it has an effect on all bear species. Join our experts to discuss how pandas, Andean, sloth, and sun bears are also being impacted by the changing climate.
Polar Bears in a Warming World Education Resources:
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Polar Bears in a Warming World
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NMC Academy Mini–Course
"Polar Bears in a Changing Climate"

This NMC Academy mini–course for educators created by Polar Bears International is an excellent resource for learning about various polar bears and climate change. The course is moderated at different times throughout the year, but it is always available as a self–directed course. There are many resources for educators to use with students available through this course site.

This interdisciplinary resource collection focuses on the effects of climate change on polar bears. It also contains resources for Challenge Based Learning, providing ideas for real–world, authentic connections to student learning.
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