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The purpose of the 4-H program is to provide positive opportunities for a young person to develop the essential life skills of mastery, independence, generosity, and belonging through their own areas of interest.

In this project area of interest, youth may learn:
  1. the safe handling and storage of firearms and equipment.
  2. about the different parts of a pistol.
  3. the history of pistol shooting.
  4. the basics of pistol shooting.
  5. how firearms work and discuss it with others.
  6. about the different types of pistols and pistol equipment

Our normal schedule is to hold the pistol project on the second Saturday of each month at Austin Rifle Club, located at 16312 Littig Rd, Manor, TX, 78653 starting at 9:00AM.  Please watch the club calendar for date and location changes.


The club has air and smallbore pistols that can be used at club events.   If your youth owns their own pistol they are more than welcome to bring it.  Please bring ear and eye protection for all shooters, parent and siblings.