The Caverns 3: Epic Journey

I'm recommencing the development of this game. It will be completely revamped, so the current screenshots are outdated. I will be remaking everything. Weapons will probably be sourced, since I always get the perspective wrong when I make them (unless someone else wants to make weapons and join the team?). Everything else will be made by me (unless anyone wants to join the team and help out?). 

The game will have 5-10 parts, which means it'll have 100-200 individually designed levels. Each part will have a different theme, or multiple themes. Each part will be select-able by a custom launcher I will program. I had to split it into parts as the RGM engine only supports 20 levels per game. 

The two previous games are very basic, but are good examples of the games style. Links in the sidebar. 

More updates at ModDB, though they should eventually arrive here too.