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I answer some questions about my collection... 

Q & A with Joey Mays 

1.       How long have you been collecting?

  • That is hard to answer.  My passion for Star Wars collectibles began in the fall of 1996 (as I address in my In Depth Overview) and continued through 1999.  I stopped completely from 2000-2004 and bought only and handful of figures from 2005-2006.  I started again in August of 2007.  All together I have probably been collecting for about 4-5 years, not nearly as long as Brent has.

2.       Why did you start collecting?

  • I always enjoyed the movies and action figures have always intrigued me so putting the two together was natural.  Brent and I have been good friends our entire lives so when I realized how much he enjoyed it I started to do it too.

3.       What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

  • The original trilogy will always be special and have this mystique about it but I grew up with the prequels.  I actually believe Attack of the Clones is my favorite, though it is hard to choose.

4.       Who is your favorite character?

  • That is easy.  I love the Republic Clone Troopers and the Imperial Stormtroopers (and all of their subcategories).  They are my focus.

5.       Do you have any collecting focuses?

  • I mainly collect Hasbro's 3 3/4th inch Clone Trooper/Stormtrooper action figures and a few select vehicles.  The Republic Gunship is one of my favorites.  I do grab some other non-Hasbro items like bobbleheads/wobblers or Gentle Giant busts.

6.       What is your favorite figure?

  • That is a difficult one.  I really like the Target Exclusive Utapau Shadow Trooper from the Revenge of the Sith line (this figure was recently released in the TAC 2008 Fans' Choice line as well).  I also really like the TAC 7th Legion Clone Trooper.  Though never shown on screen or in any books (that I know of), this figure has a lot of articulation and the best battle damage/dirt of any trooper.  The gun also has a metallic-like finish which adds to the realism of this figure.

 The 2005 Target Exclusive Utapau Shadow Trooper.

7.       What is your favorite vehicle?

  • Republic Gunship.  The ARC-170 and the AT-AT would be tied for second.  A distant second.  The Gunship is just so cool!

8.       What is your favorite play set?

  • I haven't purchased any since way back during the POTF2 days (and in reality there haven't been many since themn anyways).  I believe I had the Death Star Escape, Endor Attack, and Hoth Battle.  Of those I'd say the Hoth Battle one was my favorite.  All of them were pretty neat though.

9.       What is your favorite non-toy item?

  • Definitely my collection of Gentle Giant mini busts, specifically the Clone Commanders 5-pack.  Of the 5 (Cody, Gree, Bly, Bacara, and Neyo) Cody is my favorite.  I love the unique orange armor and the holographic (light-up) Emperor.  Really cool!

My Gentle Giant busts and the 2007 Target Exclusive Order 66 2-packs.

10.   What was your favorite line of figures (i.e. Power of the Force 2)?

  • I have enjoyed the 30th Anniversary Collection (TAC) immensely.  Not only is that the line that was current when I started collecting again but it had a plethora of troopers!

11.   If Hasbro were to make a figure out of you, what character would they base you off of?

  • One of the clone troopers.  I would love to be a Clone Commander.  The kama, holsters, and pauldron are so sweet!  Plus I'd need a removable helmet.

12.   Where do you look to shop for/buy your Star Wars items? 

  • I love going to flea markets.  There you ca find some interesting items and occasionally some great items much cheaper than at retail.  However I usually only find old items I missed at those places.  For new items I go to the normal places: Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us.

13.   Do you prefer opening the memorabilia or keeping it sealed?

  • Originally I opened everything; they were toys!  Now that I have ventured back to collecting I am keeping 95% of it sealed.  If I want to open something to display I first buy it to remain carded and sealed and then again to open.  However I do open and display my Master Replicas helmets and scaled helmets and all the Gentle Giant busts and bust-ups.

My Master Replicas helmets.

14.   What do your parents think of your collection and collecting habits?

  • They think I'm crazy.  Mostly because I can barely walk in my room at home.  Fortunately I don't live there anymore so it doesn't really affect me (or them) that much.  As long as they don't need to get in my room it's all good.  Obviously once Kelly and I have a house all the stuff will be gone, which will delight my father.

15.   What item in your collection is worth the most? 

  • Individually I'd say my Master Replicas full scale 212th Attack Battalion helmet.  However the Gentle Giant Clone Commanders Busts set is worth a lot as well.

16.   Which item in your collection is the rarest?

  • Probably the Clone Commanders Set.  You could buy each individual bust at a different convention around the world in 2007 or be 1 of 250 people to get it through Gentle Giant, Ltd.  I got it second hand from someone who got it from Gentle Giant, Ltd.

17.   Do you still play with the action figures?

  • Not really.  I have loose Clone Troopers posed on my desk.  That's the extent of "play" I get out of them.

18.  Any acknowledgments or comments? 

  • I'd like to thank Brent Behrenshausen for his updates on merchandise around the Reading area.  Without his help I wouldn't be able to grab some of the items that seem to elude me at retail.
  • I hope everyone enjoys my site and looking at my collection.  It is growing almost daily so be sure to check back often!

One of the walls in my room.
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