Gentle Giant

Busts & Statues 


Commander Cody

(2007 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive)

Commander Gree

(Celebration IV Exclusive)


Commander Bly

(2007 UK Forbidden Planet Exclusive) 


Commander Neyo

(2007 Tokyo Blister Event Exclusive)


Commander Bacara

(2007 Baltimore Comic-Con Exclusive) 



(2006 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive) 

Clone Trooper

501st Legion Trooper


Sandtrooper (Sergeant)

Sandtrooper (Corporal)


Sandtrooper (Squad Leader)

Airborne Trooper

(2008 Exclusive)

Galactic Marine

(2008 UK Forbidden Planet Exclusive)

TIE Fighter Pilot

AT-AT Driver

2008 Holiday Commander Cody


Realistic Captain Rex

(2009 PGM Exclusive)


Clone Trooper (AOTC)


Clone Trooper (ROTS)

 (also in grey, blue, and orange)



(Packaged with Exclusive Bust) 


AT-AT Driver

Clone Wars Armada 1 (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Clone Wars Armada 2 (Toys R Us Exclusive)