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UPDATED May 23, 2009!

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1.       How long have you been collecting?

  • About 13 years.

2.       Why did you start collecting?

  • I was introduced to Star Wars by my friend in the third grade.  After seeing it, my eyes were opened to a whole new world, because it was probably the most creative thing I’ve ever seen.  That year for my birthday, I was given a package of a few Star Wars Micro-Machine spaceships.  It was from this gift that my passion for collecting was born.  Shortly after this birthday, the Power of the Force 2 collection was introduced and I purchased Darth Vader (Long Saber) and Luke Skywalker (Long Saber) from my local comic book store.   Little did I know these two figures would be the beginning of a collection that is still continuing 13 years later!

3.       What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

  • Return of the Jedi...and No! it’s not because of those cute furry "bears". 

4.       Who is your favorite character?

  • It is really hard to pin down a favorite character.  I really love all of the insignificant aliens found in Jabba’s Palace or the Cantina.  However, if I had to have a favorite main character it would have to be Yoda. 

5.       Do you have any collecting focuses?

  • I collect the 3 3/4th inch action figures and select vehicles and playsets.  However, I believe my favorite collectibles are those that make a collection unique and not necessarily the rarest of items.  I like collecting vintage Star Wars paper products such as party favors, paper plates, cups, erasers, stickers etc.  I believe that these items are significant in showing what an immense impact the films had on popular culture. 

A large sample of Brent's paper products.

6.       What is your favorite figure?

  • The Yoda figure from the Original Trilogy Collection.  This figure is SUPER articulated for such a small figure, and is very accurately detailed.  Another cool feature about this figure is that the Dagobah base attaches to the Spirit of Obi-Wan and Dagobah Luke Skywalker from the same range of figures.  This Yoda figure was well ahead of its time.

7.       What is your favorite vehicle?

  • My favorite Vehicle is the POTF Millennium Falcon.  I cherish this vehicle because it was the first large vehicle I received and it was just the coolest thing for a kid to play with!  This toy was also special because my grandparents gave it to me for Christmas the year it was released.  I pretty much peed my pants.

8.        What is your favorite play set?

  • The Naboo Royal Starship.  I suppose this both a play set as well as vehicle, which is why it is so cool!  Probably the largest and most elaborate Star Wars toy to date; another great excuse as to why I own two of them!

9.       What is your favorite non-toy item?

  • My favorite non-toy item is a pack of vintage Star Wars foil paper hole punch reinforcements.  I mean come on! It doesn’t get anymore ridiculous than that!

 Image quality is poor but here are Brent's foil reinforcements.

 10.   What was your favorite line of figures (i.e. Power of the Force 2)?

  • The unique figures (non re-packs) of the Original Trilogy Collection. 

11.   If Hasbro were to make a figure out of you, what character would they base you off of?

  • I would hope to be a Jedi; a very loyal and trustworthy person.  Plus I could have a lightsaber.  And who wouldn’t want a lightsaber? 

12.   Where do you look to shop for/buy your Star Wars items? 

  • Most of my vintage items I buy at flea markets, yard sales, toy shows, comic book stores.  For modern Star Wars collectibles, I go to stores like Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Target, or order them from online stores like, or  Friends are also generous enough to pick up items I need, even if they live several hours away ;)

13.   Do you prefer opening the memorabilia or keeping it sealed?

  • I have always opened about 85% of my Star Wars figures and toys.  I originally began opening them to play with them, but now open them to display them in my room (or as close friends and family refer to it — my “museum”).  I have always removed toys from their packaging with the exception of duplicate figures, vintage carded figures, and rare or exclusive toys.

14.   What do your parents think of your collection and collecting habits?

  • Although my mother complains frequently that she can’t maneuver through the piles of toys in my room, I believe my parents have grown to love the collection.  I think my parents feel it is a healthy past time especially for a 22 year-old college student.  Although collecting can be and expensive hobby at times, I feel my parents are comforted in the fact that I have been interested in collecting for such a long period of time and that it allows me to connect back to my childhood.

15.   What item in your collection is worth the most? 

  • Tough call.  I am hoping to do an inventory this summer in which I attempt to put a value on my collection.  Some of my most valuable items are a vintage Droid Factory in Box (about $125), a vintage Wicket W. Warrick figure MOC ($50), a Naboo Royal Starship MIB ($150), and vintage Millennium Falcon with Empire Strikes Back Box (Approx. $100).  I also have a few MOC Vintage figures that are all worth a fair amount.  With this being said, the price of my items means very little to me in comparison to the personal connection I hold to several of my items.  Sometimes the stories behind the items are what I cherish most.

 Brent believes this set is worth up to $125.

16.   Which item in your collection is the rarest?

  • It’s hard for me to say which item is the “rarest.” I have a vintage tri-logo Anakin Skywalker that is pretty hard to come by.  I also have several of the celebration exclusive figures such as the Celebration III talking Darth Vader that was very limited in quantity.  I also have a Ralph McQuarrie cover version of the original Star Wars novel.  The novel with this cover was released in 1976 before the movie was released!

 This book was released before the movie!

 17.   Do you still play with the action figures?

  • Unfortunately those days have come and passed.  However, I am anxiously awaiting the day when I can play with a son, daughter, nephew or niece (get going here Bryan) to give me an excuse to play with these things again!

  18.   NEW! - What one Star Wars collectible missing from your collection do you want the most?

  • Hmmm tough one...... I would really like a vintage Blue Snaggletooth.  They really aren't that expensive, so when I am finished with school and start making the "big bucks" that may be the first thing I treat myself to.  They run anywhere between $100-$300 depending on condition or AFA grade.


The vintage blue Snaggletooth is on every collector's wish list.  It was never released on card.  Brent wants him badly!

 19.   NEW! - What 5 action figures do you most want to add to your collection (as in, one's that have been made by Kenner/Hasbro but you have failed to purchase)?

  • 1. Vintage Blue Snaggletooth (obviously)
  • 2. Vintage POTF Yak Face
  • 3. Vintage POTF Luke In Stormtrooper
  • 4. Vintage POTF Amanaman
  • 5. Vintage POTF Endor Luke.
  • I pretty [much] need all of the Vintage POTF line!

20.   NEW! - Is there a specific vintage figure you'd really like to add to your collection?

  • I pretty much answered this question already, but the top two would be Blue Snaggletooth and Yak Face.

Brent is looking for a bunch of vintage figures and any would make a wonderful addition to his massive collection.  This vinatge ROTJ B-wing Pilot is one of my favorites.

 21.  Any acknowledgments or comments? 

  • A big “thanks” to Joey Mays for taking the time to document a part of the life to which I have dedicated so much of my time and money.   
  • Although my collection is no “Sansweet Rancho Obi-Wan,” I hope all that visit this site see items that remind them of their childhood or of a special time in their lives.   To me, this is way more than just a “collection.” My “Star Wars Museum” is a part of who I am, and has always brought pleasure to my life.  Please stay posted for updates to this portion of The Joey Mays Story.
  • Please enjoy some pictures of some of my most prized and unique Star Wars artifacts! 
Thanks for sharing your collection with us Brent!

Interview conducted on April 24, 2008 & April 28, 2009
Last update: May 23, 2009

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