Mr. Stecher's Class

Nielson Elementary Second Grade 

Here are some websites that we have found useful when we go to the computer lab.


 Here are this week's spelling words:

Spelling words:     Review WWW:

      house                 very

      flower                 made

      about                  their

      found                  when

      our                     write

      out                     too

      how                   who

      now                   small

      tower                more

      town                 don't






Welcome to our classroom's website!  

 We are so glad that you have found your way here to visit!  Check here for some news about what we're up to.


We have many important dates that will be coming up from now until the end of the year.  

May 17  Second Grade Spelling Bee

May 18  Nielson Field Day

May 22  Field Trip to IMAX/Putnam

May29  AR Picnic at O.N. Custer 


       Over the next couple weeks we will be spending some time learning about different animals.  By now, your child should know the difference between mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.  Ask them about an animal and they'll tell you what group they belong in!

        In math, we have finished learning double digit addition and subtraction. Now we are going to be spending some time on measurement!

Math Facts 

Remember students, use your first initial and the first four letters of your last name to login.  You can use this in the lab or at home!