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Tim Bartley 
Department of Sociology
Washington University in St. Louis


Areas of specialization

Political Sociology—Transnational Governance, Regulation, Social Movements


Economic and Organizational Sociology—Institutional theory, Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Global Political Economy and Governance


Environmental and Sustainability Standards


Labor and Labor Standards



Course Materials

Sociol 8580--Issues in Contemporary Theory: Power and Social Order (graduate level) 

Sociol 7884.11--Economic Sociology (graduate level)

Sociol 3460--Environmental Justice

Sociol 3597.01--World Problems in Global Context

S410--Consumers, Corporations, and Capitalism

S510--Introduction to Social Organization (graduate level)

S371--Statistics for Sociology

S660--Conflict, Change, and Institutions (graduate seminar)



SSRC "Governing Global Production" project

Indiana University “Framing the Global” project

Virtual Issue:  Economic Sociology in Regulation & Governance


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New Book

Rules without Rights: Land, Labor, and Private Authority in the Global Economy.  Oxford University Press, 2018.

Selected Publications

Looking Behind the Label: Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer (with Sebastian Koos, Hiram Samel, Gustavo Setrini, and Nik Summers).  Indiana University Press, 2015.  


     More information, including reviews, videos, and resources for teaching

Transnational Governance: Globalization, Regulation, and Neoliberalism

"Institutional Emergence in an Era of Globalization:  The Rise of Transnational Private Regulation of Labor and Environmental Conditions."  American Journal of Sociology 113(2):297-351.

Transnational Governance as the Layering of Rules: Intersections of Public and Private Standards.”  Theoretical Inquiries in Law 12(2):25-51.

"Organizations, Regulation, and Economic Behavior: Regulatory Dynamics and Forms from the 19th to 21st Century (with Marc Schneiberg)  Annual Review of Law & Social Science, vol. 4.

Global Production and the Puzzle of Rules.” In Framing the Globaled. by Hilary Kahn.  Indiana University Press.


Transnational Private Regulation in Practice: The Limits of Forest and Labor Standards Certification in Indonesia.” Business & Politics vol.112, iss.3:article 7

"Communities of Practice as Cause and Consequence of Transnational Governance: The Evolution of Social and Environmental Certification” (with Shawna Smith). In Transnational Communities: Shaping Global Economic Governance, edited by Marie-Laure Djelic and Sigrid Quack, Cambridge University Press.

"Regulating or Redesigning Finance? Market Architectures, Normal Accidents, and Dilemmas of Regulatory Reform" (with Marc Schneiberg). Research on the Sociology of Organizations 30A:281-307. (More info)

Social Movements

"Shaming the Corporation: The Social Production of Targets and the Anti-Sweatshop Movement" (with Curtis Child).  American Sociological Review 79(4):653-679.

        Coverage in Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Society Pages

Movements, Markets, and Fields: The Effects of Anti-Sweatshop Campaigns on U.S. Firms, 1993-2000” (with Curtis Child).  Social Forces 90(2):425-451.

NGOs: Between Advocacy, Service Provision, and Regulation” (with Todd Beer and Wade T. Roberts).  In Oxford Handbook of Governance, edited by David Levi-Faur. Oxford University Press.

Labor Standards

"Beyond Decoupling:  Unions and the Leveraging of Corporate Social Responsibility in Indonesia(with Niklas Egels-Zanden).  Socio-Economic Review, forthcoming.

"Responsibility and Neglect in Global Production Networks: The Uneven Significance of Codes of Conduct in Indonesian Factories" (with Niklas Egels-Zanden).  Global Networks 15:S21-44.

China and Global Labor Standards: Making Sense of Factory Certification.” (with Lu Zhang).  Forthcoming in China and Global Governance, ed. by Scott Kennedy.  Routledge.

"The Mobility of Industries and the Limits of CSR: Labor Codes of Conduct in Indonesian Factories" (with Doug Kincaid).  In Corporate Social Responsibility in a Globalizing World:  Global Dynamics and Local Practices, edited by Kiyoteru Tsutsui and Alwyn Lim.  Cambridge University Press.

"Buy Slow Goods."  Boston Review, May 2013

"Standards for Sweatshops: The Power and Limits of Club Theory for Explaining Voluntary Labor Standards Programs". In Voluntary Programs: A Club Theory Approach, edited by Matthew Potoski and Aseem Prakash, MIT Press.

Corporate Accountability and the Privatization of Labor Standards: Struggles over Codes of Conduct in the Apparel Industry.”  Research in Political Sociology 14:211-244.

Environment and Sustainability Standards

"Transnational Governance and the Re-centered State: Sustainability or Legality?Regulation & Governance 8(1):93-109.

"How Foundations Shape Social Movements: The Construction of an Organizational Field and the Rise of Forest Certification."  Social Problems 54(3):229-255.

"How Certification Matters: Examining Mechanisms of Influence."  Appendix to Toward sustainability: The roles and limitations of certification.   Washington, DC: RESOLVE, Inc.

"Certification as a Mode of Social Regulation." In Handbook on the Politics of Regulation, edited by David Levi-Faur.  Edward Elgar Publishing. (book  info)

"The Contribution of Institutional Theories to Explaining Decentralization of Natural Resource Governance."  Society & Natural Resources (with Andersson, Jagger, and vanLaerhoven).




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