Testimonials - The Voice of the People

Leah Callon- Butler

Tony Ross

Mark Wayland

Lester Tan

“Tony's vision, business sense and professionalism
has become an integral part of my business.
His insights have been a valuable investment to
my business. He comes with the highest recommendation.”

Mark Parsons
Digital Catalyst Group

"When we were seeking the services of a consultant
to help us develop the necessary strategies
and skills to win more business,
we had several submissions to consider.
It was the hands-on approach to understanding our
business that proved to us that
Performance Impact was the right choice."

Rebecca Downie
Organisational Development Manager
Hyder Consulting

"Tony has a unique way of bringing out the best
in our sales team  His insights into each member
of the team has helped me work with them
far more effectively than ever before."

Wayne Stevens
NSW Sales Manager
Australian air Express

"I learned how to best grow (my) business and refine
our techniques in generating more leads
by understanding what clients want and need.
An excellent experience."

John Surian
Raine & Horne Parramatta

"Plenty of original ideas and customising for the subject
from someone who obviously knows his subject
and our business."

Andrew Ridd
Business Development Manager
Advance Asset Management

"Tony has given me a better insight into
dealing with prospective clients.
I thought that this would be a waste of my Sunday
but I have been proven wrong"

Olav Castellino
Sales Executive
Aus Ship P & I

"Well done Mr Bonanno.
The feedback from my colleagues
has been quite positive."

Colin Owen
State Manager
Advance Asset Management