Welcome to the home of the Michigan-Lambda Chapter of Tau Beta Pi hosted at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI.  Tau Beta Pi is an engineering honor society which bestows honors on junior and senior undergraduate engineering students who display exemplary character and outstanding academic achievement.

The chapter at Grand Valley partakes in several community outreach projects each year including helping out at the regional Science Olympiad tournament hosted at Grand Valley along with the local National Electric Cart Association races.

Tau Beta Pi is more than just a title on a resume.  To be a Tau Beta Pi member you must demonstrate that you not only excel in academia but you strive to do more for your community and your peers.  Tau Beta Pi members want to further their education and the education of their community.

To find out more about the Tau Beta Pi organization, visit the national and district websites.  To get your questions answered regarding this chapter, peruse the website, or contact the chapter directly at tbpmil@gmail.com.

Grand Valley State University - Pew Campus