Youth Ministry's primary goal is to connect young people and those in ministries with
young people to each other, to the church, and to God; to empower young people as
 world-changing disciples of
Jesus Christ; to nurture faith development; to equip youth by helping them recognize their God given talents.

Men's Ministry

The purpose of the Men's Ministry is to empower the men through the application of the Word o
f God to succeed in becoming better husbands, fathers, friends, mentors, productive members of society, and to take their responsible place in the body of Christ Jesus.

Outreach Ministry

The purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to take the Good News outside of the walls, to the community, bi-ways, and highways, revealing God’s love and saving grace for the glory of Christ and the redemption of His people.l

Missions Ministry

The Missions Ministry realizes that what the people of this world needs most is what we need most...Jesus Christ. The Missions Ministry fosters the building of communities to help meet the spiritual, physical, economic and social needs of the people; with loving service, respond to human need through long term discipleship, addiction recovery, spiritual renewal, education completion, health maintenance, and employment.
Women's Ministry

God is raising virtuous women to be all that they can be in Christ. The purpose of the women’s ministry is to: Foster the development of members
 of the women’s fellowship.
Help each woman to build their home. Help to build the church. They are charged with the vision of helping every woman live a life focused on the glory of God, womanhood by building their homes and business and to see every woman become an achiever in all aspects of their lives.

Through structured Bible studies, Ministry training, Clergy certification, and seminars, the Education Ministry purposes to fulfill the Great Commission by enabling students to evidence an increasing likeness to Christ as manifested in love for God, love for others, and the fruits of the Spirit; by fostering the gifts inhabited within; by teaching the application of the Word of God for daily living. Jesus has laid the foundation for building His Church, spiritual and structural.....He requires us to measure up to His pattern.

Singles Ministry

Let’s be real, Singles Abiding Under Christ Eternally face unique challenges. Singles CAN walk in the wholeness of Jesus Christ, in the fullness of knowledge and wisdom of the Word, as they strive to live a well-rounded Christian lifestyle. SAUCE fosters fellowship as a support system, discussing those challenges, participating in activities, and learning how to overcome them together through the Word of God.

Mother's Ministry

The Mother's Board fosters the development of members, helps them in recognizing their God given talents and putting it into maximum use; helps increase their spiritual growth. With a vision of seeing a positive difference in the lives of the people through the development of their physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as children of God.