Tomas Bogardus

I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Pepperdine University. I work mainly in metaphysics and epistemology, and I am most interested in the mind-body problem and the rationality of religious belief.

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tomas dot bogardus at pepperdine dot edu


Knowledge is Believing Something Because It's True, written with Will Perrin, Episteme (forthcoming)

Evaluating Arguments for the Sex/Gender Distinction, Philosophia (2020)

Some Internal Problems with Revisionary Gender Concepts, Philosophia (2020)

Gender's Journey from Sex to Psychology: A Brief History, Quillette (2019)

How to Tell Whether Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God, written with Mallorie Urban, Faith and Philosophy (2017)

Only All Naturalists Should Worry about Only One Evolutionary Debunking Argument, Ethics (2016)

Review of Christensen&Lackey's Epistemology of Disagreement, written with Anna Brinkerhoff. Analysis (2015)

Review of Zagzebski's Epistemic Authority, written with Paige Massey. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (2014)

Yes, Safety is in Danger, written with Chad Marxen as a response to this essay. Philosophia (2014)

Knowledge under Threat. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (2014)

The Problem of Contingency for Religious Belief, Faith and Philosophy (2013)

Undefeated Dualism, Philosophical Studies (2013)

Disagreeing with the (Religious) Skeptic, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (2013)

What Certainty Teaches, Philosophical Psychology (2012)

A Vindication of the Equal-Weight View, Episteme (2009)