Into The Mind of an Octogenerian

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Into The Mind of an Octogenarian


2 Who am I?








5.1 The FECMA Election system.

6 “The FECMA Conspiracy”
























15 GUNS; Militias











(The platform of The Bald Eagle Political Party follows this presentation.)

(The Bald Eagle is the official bird of the U.S.A.)

This program installs a fiscally workable basic care financing program of government and private enterprise in partnership to cover *all* Americans, and, to first make it work before moving to provide total coverage by improving on it after it succeeds in action for a reasonable time as a beginning program.


"It proposes the purchase of an economy car that would be driven while building it into a Buick, then making it a Cadillac, and even more classy, but only when, at each step of the way, the budget is able to cover it.

At the same time seeing to it that it works as it grows rather than putting onto the road a fully decked out Cadillac, top down, running at full speed, and crashing into reality down the road.”

This is not health care legislation, it covers paying for health care = insurance; health care and mandated coverage should be in separate legislation; problems come into play when addressing both care and payment in the same bill.


Coincident to this bill must be one that prohibits medical providers from contracting with pharmaceutical companies to receive compensation relative to prescribing medications; an incentive to promote particular brands of medications must be prohibited by federal law if it is not so at this reading.


The first consideration is to bring about a transition of hospitals from profit to non-profit status., not with laws, but a concerted effort by foundations to buy and convert present hospitals to non-profit status, each one to have all providers on payroll with generous salaries, and bonuses based on something relative to efficiency and reduced budgets, with maintenance of quality and efficiency indicators.

To such foundations would come favorable treatment from government regulations, and private payers.


All special interests in this problem must compromise. ( it can't continue as a Palestinian/Israeli type stalemate supported by friends of each.) With this particular goal in mind, I propose the following actions, which I am aware that those involved with the idea that all people have complete health care due them as a Human Right will reject this program as inadequate:

1. Congress would consider and vote on this plan approved by a committee of specialists in the insurance industry, not politicians. I suggest they determine the premium per insured, whether 1 year old or ninety; the premium would be the same per person, thereby eliminating the unnecessary age and gender-based premium scale when the program will cover 100% of American citizens.

2. Congress and the President would sign a bill to pay monthly premiums to insurers to fund coverage of the basic plan. This plan would cover the emergency ward; perhaps one, or two days in hospital, simple surgeries, and prescriptions/supplies given during the first visit; possibly with a small co-payment; what exactly it would cover should be designed to fit the actual premium-income without additional taxes; Preventive medicine in the Basic Plan should be limited to flu shots, and annual exams; nothing more. All visits to providers should have a nominal deductible to prevent over-use.

A national plan must cover only serious expenses, not in grown toenails, headaches, and other minor complaints; frequent visits for simple problems must have a co-payment to head off visits that can be solved with aspirins or home-care, or, in cases of need, we should be made to use discretion, and our own money.

To provide very needed pediatric care for the poor and low income, the basic plan should have a separate program for children of the lower ages, perhaps below age 6; this program to promote the health of poor children; Major plans would take it from there, and be available to charities who buy Major group-rate plans for their beneficiaries. Such a provision in the Basic plan would reduce the premiums in all Major Plans.


This Basic plan should, as medical insurance does, include coverage of dental and vision *injuries* caused directly by accidental means, but no ordinary dental and vision care should be included, as is the case with all medical insurance.


The problem of severe ongoing health conditions that are breaking the backs of so many unfortunate Americans is one that needs its own solution, and funding mechanism(s); any attempts to address these within a single national coverage program has failed as the only possible result.


3. After approval of this legislation, each insurer recognized by a state would register applicants for the basic coverage. There would be no government department involved with registration or management of the coverage; no direction, no claim payments.

As of the effective date, all Americans would be covered by the Basic plan without having signed up by an insurance agent or company of their choice, and given one month to do so, as specified in the legislation.

Anyone not having registered for coverage would find a charge subtracted from payment for care which they would have to pay, so the coverage would exist without registering, but when a claim is made, it would have to be to an insurer, so they may as well choose one while healthy, even if they won't buy a Major policy. If no choice is made the provider would make the choice.

4. Each insurer would, as currently, have designed three? options for a Supplemental "Major plan" which would ensure charges not covered by the Basic plan. These Major policies would be designed to serve three? levels of ability to pay, according to popularity for each policy. Insurers would maintain the competitive market as currently.

Insurers should provide 3 grades of Medical reimbursement policies, with HMO plans being offered by separate entities (even if owned by an insurer), so reimbursement policies would not cover preventive care, and HMO's would, leaving it to the buyer which to buy; to use any provider with Insurance, or to use only participating providers with an HMO.

Major Plans would probably not provide coverage for optional cosmetic surgery or any preventive care in their lowest premium plans, and as much as they can sell in higher-cost plans. But insurers would be relied on to institute controls over providers and suppliers with the use of price control in favor of less premium, and more business.

This is the Multi-payer system! ! ! (Just as "The Medicare-Advantage" program.) 


Providers should know,

Under this plan there would be the same appeal process that commercial plans have that goes through several layers, and then to a civil court or a government oversight. Different than government programs there is *not* only 1 level of appeal, followed by stiff necks and government mandate.


5. All insurers would offer such options to their policyholders, and they would be free to choose to remain with them or sign up with another insurer for both coverages with no break in coverage in either case.

Each member of a family would be covered with their own policy numbers, even a newborn; family policies would not need to exist, so the college-aged won't need to worry-except for adding a Major plan to their coverage. ( their plan would have the same number as the parent with an alphabet at the end, eg: Spouse; 1824503A, child; B, C, etc,)

The premium for major coverage would be added to the mature child's number; the total of all the family coverage's should total less than a family plan.)

6. Insurers would pay all claims for both plans. The government will not be at all involved with it; only the states would oversee insurers as they do at present; the Fed will be out of it, having done their duty and set up the remittance system for the Basic plan's premiums.

7. Insurers would receive a service fee added to the monthly payment by the government to cover the costs of administering the Basic coverage, and, be responsible for the elimination of fraud by providers and suppliers.

Switzerland has a national insurance program that is a close variation to this one that I had dreamed up during the 1980's. This program honors free enterprise and the interests of all parties concerned and is more appropriate for the U.S.
Additionally, all other nations had a much smaller population, and not many insurers when they began their programs-Canada had none; the U.S.A. Would put hundreds of thousands of people out of work, and the government-run program would screw-up the works trying to cover so many people in a short time. The idea is to combine to produce a workable program that makes no new bureau, and increases employment.
8. This plan and guestimates are based on non-citizens being excluded from the program, Congress and government should not consider non-citizens who should be covered by their own nation, or take out a complete policy from an insurer who offers total coverage.

9. This program *must not* cover mental health-at all ! 

A separate program specially designed and extremely limited is the only way to deal with so disprovable set of conditions that cannot be policed with any favorable result.

The only solution I have for mental health is separate policies intentionally bought with no government help. As for serious insanity, there can be no insurance, unless the theory of high numbers can produce a risk and premium structure, and paid by whom, at what percentages. 

10. Charities can adopt a premium payment system for those non-citizens in poverty to be covered by Major plans. (citizens in poverty being covered by the Basic plan).

11. Citizens while traveling offshore would, of course, be covered only to the Basic plan's limits. The Major plan of their choice would have their own rules. However, insurers would provide a complete policy at retail premiums for those not qualified for, or making use of, this program.

12. U.C.R. means Usual, Customary and Reasonable; it should be set by insurers to pay claims, and be set by insurers in competition; each deciding how to appeal to customers. Limits would be on the U.C.R. rates of the Basic plan, as set by the legislation in the form of a formula relative to conditions within the medical field; any excess would be covered by the Major plan to the extent set in the company and policy of choice. There would be no limits to annual or lifetime expenditure under the basic plan, limits should be on particular procedures; Insurers would be required to do the same; insurers would base their premiums each year on their claim-pools at each fiscal year's end for each class of policy they carry.
As for situations where we could choose who to go to for care, providers must be required by the A.M.A. to post their fee schedules on their websites, and in any advertisements.

Note: It is essential that separate agreements between individual insurers and providers as to fees charged, be done away with, replaced by annually set U.C.R. schedules by payers as costs rise, or fall (don't laugh!). Fees should be controlled in this way, leaving states to protect their citizens with legislation to prevent over-charging by providers; an open, and competitive situation would exist, thereby decreasing fees charged by providers.
As for emergencies where shopping for providers is not a choice, insurers would be relied upon to keep the fees real, in a competitive world.
In regard to medical supplies, care-providers would control their charges in a free market where bonuses to providers would be offset by the provider's need to control fees, but I can't think of a way to control suppliers, can you?   


13. States would retain the regulation of insurers; there is no reason to have the Federales take over regulation of the industry.

14. Preexisting conditions would have to be covered from the start for both Basic and Major plans if every citizen would be mediately covered, after which pre-existing conditions clauses should be invoked in Major plans.

15. There is no need to mandate people to buy a Major policy, but the states could provide protection for creditors, and to leave the uninsured without protection from lawsuits and collections attempts. Additionally, states should provide legislation permitting hospitals to give a minimum level of care  without any bells and whistles, to lower the costs of Major plans. Some individual providers are paying as much as $300,000 premiums for malpractice coverage; WE pay it!!! by check or taxes.

16. Maternity coverage would have to be covered during the initial year of this program, then a large deductible for future care and deliveries in the Basic plan. Insurers would be free to limit maternity coverage after the initial 10 months, after which any new applicant could be charged a higher premium or a high maternity deductible in a Major plan purchased by citizens who had qualified at inception but did not buy one that time; it would be up to the insurers to deal with people who wait until they go for a child to take out a major plan. (It's essential we pay premiums for fire insurance before we put a match to the house.)
Insurance should not cover normal delivery; only complications should be covered, and those who plan births should save up for it; the premiums for insurance had increased tremendously when the National Organization of Women won maternity coverage, and it was a mistake to give the Socialists this benefit.


One threat to any government program is the inevitable and ongoing attempts to add benefits. There must be an awareness of this threat to the stability of an excellent program. An establish policy should exist to block attempts to add coverage for everything that can be imagined, until the demands break the bank. Dental, and vision care, uninfected In-grown toenails, and corrections of physical imperfections that do not hinder the ability to function must not be covered. Personal application to insurance companies who offer coverage's where the odds can be actuarially calculated would be appropriate; they must not be covered in this program; ever!!!
(Damage to teeth and eyes resulting directly from accidental means would be covered, as they currently are by all insurance policies!)

LAST! Let old people die!!! (This is written by an 87-year-old). There must be a limit to keeping old people alive when there are no benefits to them, their relatives, or society; it contributes to the high fees charged to all and serves no constructive purposes for all of us to pay for.



    (National Health Insurance)

All plans currently in place, both federal and state would be relieved of funding present programs, leaving states to redirect their income; federal programs would redirect their funding to this program.

Workers compensation would no longer be needed for medical needs but would remain as disability income, if at all; Employers would experience reduced costs in operating expenses.

Medicare would become a rider to the Basic plan, eliminating the costs for a separate administration of senior coverage; current premium to the SSA for this coverage would continue but forwarded to the administrators of the Basic plan, which would be insurers whose citizens had been covered.

There could be a provision for people to choose an insurer to administer "Senior Care." (Medicare.)

No premium would have to be added to totally fund this program, but if it's proved to be insufficient, a mere fraction of a percent tax on all health damaging items, such as sugar, salt, tobacco, and animal-fat foods, at the point of origin rather than at retail, would probably be the best idea.

Bear in mind that the Major plans would cost less than at present due to the massive participation ratio; insureds would not pay for the Basic coverage, and the Major coverage they pay for would not need the high administrative costs that all present coverage is burdened with, thereby producing a lower premium than one would expect.

Another way to"fund" the program is to simplify administration paper-work so as to "stretch" each dollar further than at present in the cost incurred by each party to a transaction.

The billing by each party in reference to a transaction includes the cost of dealing with forms from every provider and payer involved with the case; each having to deal with the other's particular forms.

Presently, more and more medical facilities are typing into computers as they interview that eliminate the use of paper, therefore the transmission to other facilities electronically already eliminates the use of forms.

ADDITIONALLY; Different than all other nations with N.H.I. programs, we spend much more on military needs than them as a powerful defender of the free world, and it costs us dearly; we can and must shift, if necessary, a few percentage points of the military budget to the new NHI program, I can't imagine how a couple of fewer killing-machines in our arsenal would make a difference, other than to hurt the feelings of the competitive branches of the military, and the legislators who represent particular states, and cities.

There are forms from businesses wanting confirmation of treatment, expense, disability, or qualification for subsidized rent, etc; and each of them has to deal with the special forms required by providers, and the complications each feels the need without which they cannot reply.

All participants in the entire system need to deal with, and require from others, the same forms for any inquiry made in the absence of computer communication among providers and services.

How to design the fewest forms to be used by all parties to a transaction should be a major assignment for the people assigned to do so, and be considered as important as premium income. 

Last (I hope) Those who can afford to pay for self-inflicted, or caused, injuries treated in emergency clinics under this program should be made to pay a high co-payment.



"The red tape can be overwhelming. This is government run, so sometimes the paperwork involved in simpler procedures can make a person feel like privately run facilities would work much more efficiently, and they’re probably right."





It is essential that a concerted effort to reduce the vast sums of money taken by fraud from all programs be made, and that calls for a unit of the administration that oversees a Basic coverage program administered by the government to ferret out fraud by every business that bills for the basic plan for medical services, supplies, and products. If the administration of the Basic coverage is done by insurers, for a stipulated dollar per insured, their own honesty will be guaranteed by their greed, if any, for they could not bill the government for any losses. Their honesty would show in their major plans they wish to sell by having to compete with each other for business with the lowest premiums possible.

Billions of dollars are lost to fraud by providers, contractors, employees, nurses, doctors; the savings from diligent anticipation of fraud in every billing. Doing so with passion will bring down the crime rate, therefor costs, radically; leaving it to insurers to “eat” their losses would save the government from having to audit claims, and take the expensive abuses.

This program would produce an increase in spendable income by reducing the total cost for coverage at present. As a result, the economy would jump.
I had sold health insurance and handled medical insurance claims for only fifty years, so my insight into this subject is limited.


Veteran’s hospitals should be sold to private parties, and vets to be taken care of in all hospitals that have the necessary specialists available. I see no reason for the V.A. to own hospitals or even separate coverage for veterans.
One thing is certain: Insurance premiums and HMO care will never, ever, decrease, or even remain the same percentage of our personal ability to pay until we revalue our currency. Not with the ever-increasing medical technology growing full-bore; we really are going to make “Bones” on Captain James T. Kirk’s Star Ship Enterprise, look uncivilized, but it will get close to equaling the cost of our homes, per year; all because we think we have a right to it with no limitations, for $1.98 a year, and everyone should be required to chip in to pay the $1.98. This plan will head that off, though genomics R&D will continually contain the increases.)
As for medical costs,  "The decision to use particular procedures often favor “the economic advantage to the medical provider than the best procedure for the patient, and the payer." Says it all! Perhaps cost control legislation is appropriate, or more up-to-date technology, probably both. In any event, we must stop attacking the cost problem in a legislative bill on insurance.

I have just been informed by a follower that statistics show that American family physicians earn about twice as much as English, German, and Australians, considering the relative cost of living.
Medical care is a very profitable business, and it is a business, not a dedication - in practice. This supports my beginning to lean in favor of fee controls more so than insurers and HMO's have been doing for the past ten years; it's still not perfect.

I ask my followers to promote the idea of helping the American medical profession humble itself and reduce their desire for a wealthy life style. I have no idea of how to approach this idea of re-creating the medical profession so it behaves like that of the neighborhood plumber. :))) 
Finally; I am in favor of a private foundation dedicated to establishing a Hospital and Clinic system by buying as many of them as possible to be a non-profit business of providing health care at cost, with no religious connection, or private investors.

This foundation would begin in one city and expand to all in that state, and to keep expanding until it had successfully put profit-seeking hospitals out of business by competition, not law.

This plan allows for private health care businesses that can make it in this atmosphere, as well as religion-owned hospitals; all in the atmosphere of legal and fair competition. 

This program has been suggested by a party member, Ber Ridgeward, and will be discussed at the next convention.


IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR, can you expend the energy to send me a message that you had done so, and what you think, or even if you don't have an opinion yet, please let me know you read it.

Write to,

Now that I have your attention. . .

Who am I?

   I am 87-year-old Saul Harmon Gritz; I have an irresistible urge to put my thoughts in writing, on every subject conceivable until my body is converted to a box of cookies for the starving.
  I have been in retail, outside-sales, and manufacturing; acted as President of various charitable organizations, and keeping on my toes in an 8-8 as President of a ballet association. Please read, concentrate, and absorb, if you will, my thinking, and do what you wish with anything I write. You may decide to discuss an idea with me, or you may decide to send copies of an article in the papers or discussion groups or refer people to this site, for whatever reason. This is a diary, and I call it,

. . . Which will exist and eventually die with no one aware of it, unless you promote it. Reading any part of this site and not commenting is a capital offense, and you will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
As you think, so shall you believe; as you believe, so shall it be, for man is, or becomes, the sum of his/her own thoughts, which is not to be assumed as right or wrong, for, in philosophy, there is no such thing as truth and fallacy, only opinion.
Jesus, Napoleon Hill, and Gritz


I dream of a political party different than the others because, though I've proved it to be conceivable; it is not possible. The U.S.A. is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with all the customers doing the menu. But I dream! Actually, the U.S.A. is a bonfire of vanities. (Title of a novel by Tom Wolfe; "Bonfire of the vanities.)
This party is not Anti-Federalist, but anti-unessential government involvement in caring for the people as individuals. It supports a strong national government to keep all states secure and in cooperation with each other and to represent us with international relations. We want the strength of this union of states and their citizens. 
   What it does not support, and opposes, is centralized administration of our individual lives, which, if left to continue its advance into the future, will make this nation a centrally controlled dictatorship, not a nation of free states.

We believe in "Civic Nationalism."

What follows is a very long diatribe of thoughts and ideas many years accumulated and in the making. Do not, I beg you, try to read this is one sitting; read and digest each entry every day, arriving at a conclusion on particular items that puts you into action: writing to the editor of your paper, the President, your Congress members, or, if you dare, write to me. But DO something! Don't just read, and say, "Uh Huh"! , or "pure rot!" and move on to other things, because that is exactly why America is about to bite the dust.


Imagine a see-saw having at both ends stacks of blocks, one stack has blocks of differing sizes and values six feet high, and on the opposing end is a stack of blocks of differing sizes and values than the other side, and is only four feet high, yet the board is balanced.

This is the symbol on the flag and the banner of the Bald Eagle Political Party, (TBEPP), not middle-of-the-road, or moderate, or centered, but balanced. 

However: it can be said of the founder that I am a Humanistic Conservative with a tendency toward liberality-within reason.


The Bald Eagle Political Party, (TBEPP) is primarily dedicated to the separation of national government from the individual citizen in domestic administration of the nation; It should leave to the states the administration of national laws, regardless of whatever tags or labels we give the nation: Democratic Republic, Democracy, or whatever. This party favors all people, not just the powerful.
We are opposed to Direct Democracy and the citizen's initiative; we believe our appointees should make all decisions on legislation, not special interests.
We agree that our system is a Federal one, in that the people are governed by both the national and state governments, each in their own areas, rather than a central government with states subservient to it. Democrats want a national government, Republicans want it to be Federal, The TBEPP supports the Federal system, but is a balanced party, opposed to extremism; it is for Liberal Republicans, Conservative Democrats, Independents, and middle-of-the-road Libertarians. It is also named for my appearance.

Extremism in the cause of childish idealism and self-righteousness is the backbone of Liberalism, while Ultra-Conservatives are burdened with lack of appreciation for humanistic balance.
This party is not for white,  black, brown, yellow, or religious supremacists, nor is it for the super-rich, or the poor; it favors personal achievement, success, and a life lived on an economic level consistent with the ability to pay for it. It is a merit-based society that supports the concept of helping the poor, not with over-generosity, but with humanistic caring to put people back on their feet.
This party is intent on solving the problems of a global world before they become too embedded, and to deal with the unbalanced relationship between the super-rich, and the Middle class of the U.S.A..  

We believe the U.S.A. should not be the savior of the world; in particular, we oppose the enthusiastic acceptance of families escaping from other countries to be dependents of our welfare system and relieving those other countries of the pressure of their own failure to care for their people. We support President Trump in his efforts to compel enforcement of immigration laws. We do want those of other nations who offer us their proven abilities to contribute to our economy and society and come to us in a legal manner. (We disapprove of Trump in most of his behavior and idiosyncrasies, and consider him to be the worst President in our history regardless of philosophy.)  
We want Congress to stop establishing minimum wages for the nation, it should be left to the states to leave it to their localities to do so; state's citizens should look to "Big Brother/Sister" for domestic leadership, not "Big Daddy & Mommy."
We favor a well-established, and fully enforced immigration policy; we want "walls," even with Canada. (Actually, electronic beams.)
We want a well-planned and directed procedure of seeing to the orderly return of all people without permission to be in the U.S.A., to the nation from which they came, with the proviso that anyone "undocumented" shall, with proof of employment and the paying of all taxes -with interest- during the previous years they had been here, to be officially documented. After the initial 365 days of this law being approved, all those without proof of legal residence would be required to leave within 60 days without legal recourse. There are many considerations, but this is the crux of it.
We are also opposed to Sanctuary cities, and states as unconstitutional; that all states should be required to aid in immigration law enforcement with their own provisions.

We are opposed to houses of worship providing sanctuary for people in the absence of religious persecution; if religious freedom is not in question, neither is the constitution.
When the U.S.A. has a national ID card in place, many expensive and complicated cautionary actions can be put aside.

E-mail me at

In pursuit of idealism, we must surrender to present reality, leaving the ideal to await its reason.



I believe in being civil, respectful, and not self-righteous; I bear in mind that every idea I have is the product of personal value judgments. I believe that, in philosophy, there is no such thing as right or wrong, or true and false, unless it comes from an original, provable, source; there are very few original sources that can be found. Every thought is based on personal perception of what we read and hear; therefore every thought is a value-judgment. With that always in the minds of all involved in an exchange, there can be no, “I’m right, you’re wrong!” which should avoid arrogance by all parties.



We believe that the federal government should not tax individuals; that the distribution of income should not be handled by the legislature where committee leaders favor the state they represent rather than the nation as a whole. Therefore, the legislature should tax the states, and leave the states to support themselves with their own productivity. In other words, eliminate the existence of political Pork. (It’s not kosher!) See the formula below.
I believe that *all* states should be required to have winner-take-all in the election of President; the electoral college system has the states elect the President, not the people, which is to say that the people decide for their state, not the nation. No state, or party, should be permitted to split their votes for president.

Without truth, we solve nothing


A nation that governs its states must leave the states to govern their people within the parameters of a Federal system; there should be no relationship between a national government and the individual citizen.


perhaps, The Glossary

Voters should coerce Congress into passing an amendment to the constitution defining the term, “Speech” as, 

“written, and oral communication of thought; the giving of a thing is not, of itself, speech.”

This amendment could be the means by which to define other terms in the future, by amendments to this amendment, thereby becoming a “Glossary” of the constitution.

The FECMA Election system.

FECMA is an acronym for the Federal Election Campaign Management Act, and the agency it would establish. The act would create a single, short, election season. It will offer 60-day election seasons as an alternative to two years of bull-pucky, with the electorate free to choose between those running in FECMA, and those candidates who choose to run outside of FECMA rules. After about two or three elections, political maneuvering, verbal hogwash, money-driven elections could be a thing of the past; the possible end of Parties.
As for state parties nominating candidates, they are free to do as they please, within federal law, but national general elections should be very short.
This law would leave it to the voters to make it work, or cause it to fail. Sadly, because of the recent SCOTUS decision regarding private financing and corporate giving to candidates, FECMA would not stop “big-money” from establishing massive funds to drive us all up the wall with obnoxious ads. Voters, however, would have the final say about such candidates. Americans will truly get what’s coming to you - good or bad - after a FECMA goes into effect. That’s a certainty!
Nothing can stop the crash without FECMA, and FECMA cannot exist without “The Definition Amendment.” I regret that you will have to read the novel – not scan- but Read it; it explains all facets of the system.

If FECMA had been in existence, Colon Powell, as an example, would probably have run for President, with his wife's approval, and he would have had several genuinely qualified opponents to go up against the money and power-driven candidates.

 “The FECMA Conspiracy”
by Burton S.H. Ridgeway
A novel
 Barnes and Noble:
The public liebury



Begin to separate the national government from the individual American by making the Infernal Revenue Bureau a small staff within the treasury department, while transitioning to a system which bills the states for their proportionate share of each year’s federal budget; each state would have their own system of taxation. Following this legislation should be those bills that withdraw the national government from our lives where it need not concern itself; activities that do not impact the nation itself, or more than two states.
The system of taxation that would help save the nation is as follows; I suspect the sixteenth amendment was intended to by-pass our founder’s Republican system by sneaking around the states to gain control of the individual. I tend to think that it was a genuine conspiracy by those who preferred a nation without semi-independent states. Let’s do as so many people want: delete it.

* Each year, we would take the average state economy throughout the nation as 100%, and determine each state’s position to the average. The federal treasurer would then bill each state based on its economy and population, from, say, 50% to 150% of the average.

* Each state would then create their tax system to include paying the annual federal tax bill over the following year. This will permit poor states to decrease their federal taxes which would increase their own income and help their own economies according to their own judgment. This system would allow people to take care of their own state, counties, and cities. Federal management would gradually surrender its relationship with the American people as individuals; AND, there would no longer be a need for federal community, or state, grants to beg for.

* Replacing our present tax system with the above will vest the savings such as 401-K, and other deferred tax income; each state would then choose what, if any, benefits to adopt.

* Life would be less complicated by the elimination of deferred income, and fringe benefits for new workers that escape taxation; The IRS book of regulations would shrink a few pounds, and higher after-tax income would fund one’s own plans for the future; keep government out of it. All fringe benefits provided by employers should be taxable to the employees. This would reduce tax percentages, and will be a testing ground for each state to find the perfect taxing system for themselves.

* As this new system of federal and state direction of our domestic affairs, the national budget, and the debt should shrivel, and the states would choose what to adopt as Washington closes or reduces the size of each bureau that is not essential for national administration. Then, at a future date, Congress should meet only every six months, and the District of Columbia would become a bedroom community. (LOL).

* The flow of taxes should be from the bottom to the top; from the citizen to the city, to the county, to the state, to the nation. Our present tax system is totally out of our control!

* Now, bear in mind, states cannot just print money; funds must be available to support anything they do!!!!!! Aha!
States should be directed to not be in debt for more than 20 percent of their budget at the end of each year; not permitted to borrow until its debts are below 120% of its assets, with no flexibility to the debt ceiling.

! ! ! ! ! !
"Statists" like the idea of the national government being in the position to "blackmail" states by withholding their fair share of the national income by requiring surrender to national wishes; this system of taxing states-by formula-, not people, will eliminate "Statists" blackmail by no longer requiring the circuitous routing of income from the individual to the national treasury, then to the redistribution to states for national mandates; money will remain within the states for support of their own needs, and the bureaucracy that administers this redistribution will be gone.
! ! ! ! ! !

* Mortgage and other loans- interest should be terminated as a tax deduction. If we don’t have the government giving incentives to buy homes, there would be no reason to consider interest as anything other than part of the cost of things financed. To whom it matters, Rent! Why should government incentivize buying; let businesses do that.
I am opposed to federal death taxes. If a state wants to tax estates, it should be limited to wealth within that state; if several states invade a person’s estate, there will be war, so Death Taxes should be eliminated; although I can accept state taxes to those who inherit.
* As to the elimination of Pork, I can’t conclude how this would stop or reduce the infighting for pork, except that there would no longer be items within states that all other states would help finance.
As for the U.S.A. feeding the world, under the above system, the annual billing by the Fed would show where the money will go, and our representatives in both houses of Congress would be held responsible for any legislation that permitted waste.
As the federal budget is built, I think we would have more to say about government charity; world charity should be voluntary. Private charitable organs and their overhead and payroll should be under continuous scrutiny; if intrastate; by the state, if national, by non-partisan outside auditors.


I oppose any government having anything to say about abortion. Anything!
In revision

I'll take this opportunity to render to you my definition of Art.
Art is not music designed to be heard but not aware of; nor is a visual that is intended to put people in a frame of mind without being aware of it, or a building that serves a purpose which does not include being studied, such as a government building which though seen, does not invite appreciation for its visual appeal. Visual art is specifically made for the explicit purpose of looked at.
The value of a work of art is not in its appeal, but in the mere fact that it's specific purpose is for you to look at it, or listen to it, and to react, regardless of your approval or disapproval.  Visual art is made specifically to be looked at; musical art is not merely to be heard, but listened to; if it is background music, you are not expected to stop and study it, it is therefor not art.
I have spoken!



Restoring a Bracero program would be good if enforced, and I know no reason not to do so, except to not provide unemployment payments to any American out of their type of work for longer than one year who rejects a job offer of any kind.
As for Braceros not returning home after the season, a National ID card, indicating their temporary status, and expiration, would take care of that; reasonably.



A President cannot get even get close to resolving the domestic problems we are faced with. It will take a new dedicated party in power, with a balanced set of values, and the collective chutzpah to resist criminality and opportunity to dominate the legislatures of the nation and the states. Only then can we hope to see a candidate who will lead us toward the maturity we should have achieved a long time ago.

The Republican Party works hard to resist the natural inclination of most people to want a daddy and mommy-type government supported by independent, high earning fellow citizens. In return Democrats, not limited to members of Congress, accuse Republicans of being a power-seeking, and money driven gang of heartless ogres. Democrats, for the most part, believe in serving the people; they are humanistic. Therefore, to them, we are a democratic system, which we were not meant to be.
Republicans know that we are a republic; leaders being elected by the people, rather than by elected representatives. The United States is not a democratic nation; it is a democratic republic. It was designed to have popularly-elected representatives make decisions based on their own judgment; not their constituent’s, but with their preferences in mind. We call ourselves a democracy because the people can input our desires, so we forget that our system is not run by the demo’s, (The People) but by the leaders the Demo’s choose.
Each side of the aisle has members of extreme thinking; either toward the left or the right. Each party member is faced with decisions to join the majority of the party members, or go with his or her convictions, if any, not contributing their true values.
Each party has “gangs” among them; representatives with independent and balanced members must go with the majority to get bills passed, or rejected.
The elimination of money-driven campaigns would bring in a better quality of candidates. Obama had won the election in 2008 due to his people’s discovery of internet fund-raising.
The Bald Eagle Party should not run candidates for president until it has 25% of both houses. Only by the Bald Eagle Party’s balanced values disturbing congress, will the downward slide to oblivion be reversed, or at least, halted. It’s a conundrum that all predictions of collapse are treated as lunatic ravings, even if we know that all things must end. But not yet! Why not?

We are The United “States," not the United “People.” The people constitute the states, and the states constitute the nation; an unbreakable relationship. All national domestic law passed by our representatives should be administered by the states where national administration is not essential. Only in the sense of our being citizens of the same nation are we “a united people.”


This party will fight for a national ID card for every living soul in the U.S.  Our having a lifetime ID card with only our picture, and fingerprint in a computer chip that only a single particular computer can read - in a secret language of its own - which would be available only through government extensions - not commerce, or privately-owned - is the solution to so many of our immigration, law enforcement, and deficit problems that, not to have one is in my judgment, ridiculous!  Only political paranoids compare a plastic ID card, to needing “papers” to move around the country. We do not permit law enforcement officers to ask for the card without just cause. And moving among the states would not require “papers,” as the Constitution mandates.

As for those who find it difficult to prove their residency, and citizenship, there should be a set of checks that would reasonably accept them as citizens; all that is needed is a sincere wish to do it right, without trying to make it difficult for political purposes. Such a procedure would permanently solve the problems currently being dealt with by many “people without papers.”


Additionally, as for all legal applicants for residency, they should be required to swear under oath, that they support the separation of “religion and government;” on the breaching of the oath, one should be ejaculated from the U.S.A. (It's a matter of speed.)
The only problem we will face is handling the troubles of illegal’s children, and good quality parents who are contributing to our society. Our solution to that is the processing of them to legal status. Why now? Because, with a National ID card for every soul legally in the country, we could assume that there will no longer be an expensive illegal entry problem to fight, with an ID card for every employment, legal transaction, or law enforcement procedure, in place of actual social security cards and a driver license as ID cards; every employer who fails to check for the official ID card should be heavily fined, or hanged.

All illegals, having lived in the U.S. for longer than two years, and have received no welfare benefits for at least eighty percent of the time they’ve been here, should be permitted to apply for legal residency upon payment of federal and state taxes equal to the average of all taxpayers in the same income bracket during the past two years.

We support the amending of the constitution to define a natural born citizen as one who is born to a citizen. A child born to an illegal resident should not be considered a citizen. There would no longer be people jumping the border and dropping a baby in an American hospital for the benefits due a citizen. Legal Non-citizens child births should be of the same citizenship as the parents. Legal residents, upon becoming citizens, should have their citizenship include their minor children.
After passage of such a bill, all adult children of former illegals who become legal should be given legal status, on application; proof of good “citizenship” should be essential.

Voter registration will no longer be necessary with this National I.D. Card, which would serve this purpose as well. Also, the card prevents the repetition of votes and non-citizens from voting. A lot of $ would be saved by eliminating the need for registration.

"If Lincoln during the Civil War can go to the theater a hundred times, and FDR during WW11 can have a cocktail hour every night where you can only talk about books you’ve read, and gossip, and if Teddy Roosevelt can take two hours every afternoon to exercise, none of us us has an excuse; you just think your time is more complicated because you made it so."
Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian

You *do* have the time to read on!!!


W e  p u t  t h e m  i n  c a g e s, f e e d, c l o t h e,  a n d   h o u se  t h e m   a t   g r e a t   e x p e n se ,   t h e n   w e   l e t   t h e m   o u t .   W e   f o r b i d   the m   f r o m   l i v i n g   i n  c e r ta i n    a r e a s ,   a n d   i n f o r m   a l l   t h e   n e i g h b o r s   o f   h is     p r e s e n c e ,   a n d   w e      t h i n k   o f  o u r s e l ve s   a s   b e i n g   i n t e l l i g e n t .
   F r o m   w h a t   I' v e   r e a d ,   t h e r e   i s   n o   c u r e   f o r   P e d o p h i l i a ,   w h i c h
m a k e s   t h e   w a y   w e   d e a l   w i t h   t h e m   o u t r a g e o u s .   W e   w a s t e   o u r
t i m e   a n d   m o n e y   d e a l i n g   w i t h   t h e   p r o b l e m ,   w i t h   a b s o l u t e l y   n o
r e t u r n   o n   o u r   i n v e s t m e n t .   T o   m e ,   t h a t' s   t e r r i b l e !   A n d   v e r y
e x p e n s i v e.
   I   h a v e   w h a t   I   t h i n k   i s   a   b e t t e r   i d e a .   T h i s   i d e a ,   i f   p e r m i t t e d   by   l a w ,   w i l l   r e d u c e   c h i l d   a b u s e   b y   a t l e a s t   f i f t y   p e r c e n t   w i t h i n   f i v e   y e a r s ,   a t   m o s t ,   a n d   d e a l s   w i t h   t h e   p r o b l e m   t h a t   r e s p e c t s   t h e  c o n v i c t ed   a s   h u m a n   b e i n g s   w i t h   a  m a l f u n c t i o n , t h a t   n o n e
o f   u s   u n d e r s t a n d s.  I n   a l l   o t h e r   t h i n g s t h e y   a r e   n o t   o u r 
e n e m i es.   I   a m   c e r t a i n   t h a t   i t  n e e d s   c o o p e r a t i o n   b y   t h e   U . S . 
S u p r e m e   C o u r t .
P u t t i n g   c h i l d - l u s t e r s   i n   c a g e s   i s ,   t o   m e ,   n o t   o n l y  f o o l i s h ,   b u t   a   w a s t e   o f   l i v e s   t h a t   c o u l d   b e   c o n s t r u c t i v e   i n   a   c i t y   t h a t   i s   a   p r i s o n ,   w i t h   a   r e g u l a r   e c o n o m y ,   a n d   l i f e - s t y l e .   I t   w i l l   s a v e
t h e   s t a t e   b i l l i o n s   o f   d o l l a r s .
P r i s o n e r s   w o u l d   c o v e r   a l l   t h e   c o s t s   o f   r u n n i n g   t h e i r   c i t y   b y
 e a r n i n g   a   l i v i n g   a n d   p a y i n g   t a x e s   t o   s u p p o r t   t h e i r   c i t y ,   t h e 
s t a t e ,   a n d   t h e   n a t i o n ,   j u s t   a s   i f   t h e y   w e r e   f r e e ,   w h i c h   t h e y 
w o u l d   b e ,   t h o u g h   n o t   f r e e   e n o u g h   t o   l e a v e ,   a n d   g e t   t h e i r   h a n d s   o n   c h i l d r e n .   T h e i r   f r e e d o m   w o u l d   r e l i e v e   t h e   s t a t e   a n d
f e d e r a l   t a x p a y e r s   o f   t h e i r   l o a d s .
   P e d o p h i l e s   a r e   h u m a n   b e i n g s ,   d e s e r v i n g   t h e   f r e e d o m   w e
  o t h e r s   h a v e ;   t h e i r   i l l n e s s   s e t s   t h e m   a p a r t   a n d   i s   d a n g e r o u s
t o   k i d   s   a n d   p a r e n t   s   p s y c h e s ;   t h e y   m u s t   b e   s e p a r a t e d   f r o m
s o c i e t y ,   f r e e   a s   t h e   r e s t   o f   u s ,   t o   e n j o y ,   a n d   b e   f r e e 
A m e r i c a n s .   I   d o   n o t   h e r e   r e f e r   t o   k i l l e r s .
   M a n y   l a r g e   m a n u f a c t u r e r s ,   b u s i n e s s e s   a n d   b a n k s   w o u l d   s e t
  u p   b r a n c h e s   i n   t h i s   c i t y ,   p o s s i b l y   e v e n t u a l l y   h a v i n g   o n l y 
p e d o p h i l e s   a s   t h e i r   o n l y   e m p l o y e e s ;   n o r m a l   p e o p l e   w o u l d   f i l l   o n l y   j o b s   t h a t   n o   p r i s o n e r   q u a l i f i e s   f o r .   T h e r e   w o u l d   b e   n o 
c h i l d r e n   u n d e r   t h e   a g e   o f   e i g h t e e n   w i t h i n   t h e   w a l l s .   P r i s o n e r s   w o u l d   e v e n   s t a r t   b u s i n e s s e s ,   a n d   t h e r e   a r e   n a t i o n a l   a n d
  s t a t e   f r a n c h i s e s   t h e y   c o u l d   b u y   i n t o .   A n d ,   I   t h i n k   t h a t   m a n y   p e o p l e   w o u l d   l i k e   t o   l i v e   w i t h o u t   c h i l d r e n ,   w h o   c o u l d   d e c i d e
  t o   l i v e   t h e r e ;   f r e e   t o   l e a v e   a n y t i m e ;   i t   w o u l d   n o t   b e   a   p r i s o n   f o r   t h e m .
   I   p r o p o s e   a     p e d o p h i l e   c i t y ,   b u i l t   i n   a   s e c l u d e d   a n d   v a s t
s p a c e   t h a t   I   o w n ,   t o   b e   e x p a n d e d   b y   t h e   c i t i z e n s   t h e m - s e l v e s ,   t o   a   d e g r e e   -   a n d   n o t   b e   r e l e a s e d   b e f o r e   t h e i r   n i n e t i e t h 
b i r t h d a y ,   o n l y   i f   t h e y   w i l l   b e   t a k e n   c a r e   o f   b y   s o m e o n e ,   a t
t h e i r   o w n   e x p e n s e .   I t   c o u l d   n o t   w o r k   w i t h i n   e x i s t i n g   c i t i e s ,
  w h i c h   w o u l d   h a v e   n o   s p a c e   f o r   i t .   I f   a   s t a t e   d i d   t r y   t o   b u i l d
   o n e   w i t h i n   p o p u l a t e d   a r e a s   N i m b y s   w o u l d   r i s e   u p   t o   s t o p   i t .
     O n c e   t h i s   c i t y   i s   r e a d y   t o   r e c e i v e   i t s   c i t i z e n s ,   i t   w o u l d   t a k e - i n   t h o s e   s e n t e n c e d   t o   p r i s o n   f o r   a   n u m b e r   o f   y e a r s   w h o 
c h o s e   a   l i f e   w i t h o u t   a c c e s s   t o   c h i l d r e n .   T h o s e   s e n t e n c e d   t o
   l i f e   c o u l d ,   a t   j u d i c i a l   d i s c r e t i o n ,   l i v e   i n   t h i s   c i t y ,   b e i n g   n o
   t h r e a t   t o   s o c i e t y - a t - l a r g e .   A g a i n ,   I   d o   n o t   r e f e r   t o   k i l l e r s ,
b u t   t h e   j u d i c i a r y   w o u l d   d e c i d e   t h a t .
   T h i s   t o w n   w i l l   b e   d i r e c t e d   b y   t h o s e   e v e n t u a l l y   e l e c t e d   b y
t h e   p o p u l a t i o n   o n c e   t h e y   n u m b e r   e n o u g h   t o   b e   a   t o w n ,   w i t h
p l e n t y   o f   s p a c e   t o   g r o w   i n t o   a   c i t y   c a p a b l e   o f   g r o w i n g 
w i t h o u t   l i m i t s .   T h e   F e d e r a l   a n d   t h e   S t a t e   c o u r t s   t h r o u g h o u t 
t h e   n a t i o n   c o u l d   o f f e r   t h e   c o n v i c t e d   t h e   c h o i c e   o f   l i f e   i n   a
c a g e   f o r   a   s t a t e d   n u m b e r   o f   y e a r s ,   o r   f o r   l i f e   w i t h i n   t h i s 
p r i s o n   o f   c o m f o r t   a n d   f r e e d o m ,   n e v e r   t o   b e   l e t   o u t   w o u l d   b e ,
i n   m y   o p i n i o n ,   a   m o r e   h u m a n e   a n d   e c o n o m i c a l l y   b e t t e r   w a y   t o   t r e a t   t h e m .
   T h i s   p r i s o n - c i t y   s h o u l d   s e r v e   a l l   s t a t e s .   T h e r e   w o u l d ,   o f
c o u r s e   b e   a   s t a t e - a p p o i n t e d   w a r d e n ,   a n d   g u a r d s   a t   t h e   w a l l s ,   t o   k e e p   c h e c k   o n   t h e   a c t i o n ,   a n d   s e e   t o   t h e   s e c u r i t y   o f   t h e
  c i t y   s   w a l l s   -   i n g r e s s   a n d   e g r e s s ;   t h e   s t a t e   w o u l d   n o t   c o v e r 
t h e   c o s t s   o f   p o l i c i n g   w i t h i n   t h e   c i t y   a f t e r   t h e   f i r s t   f e w   y e a r s .   T h e   c i t y   g o v e r n m e n t ,   o r i g i n a l l y   f o r m e d   b y   t h e  s ta t e ,   w o u l d
e s t a b l i s h   a   p o l i c e
d e p a r t m e n t ,   a n d   f i r e   d e p a r t m e n t ,   a n d   a l l   c i t y   s e r v i c e s .   W h a t
   s e r v i c e s   p r i s o n e r s   c a n n o t   q u a l i f y   f o r   w o u l d   c o m e   f r o m 
p e o p l e   a t   l a r g e .   W h e n   t h e y   h a v e   a   p r i s o n e r   w h o   c o u l d   d o   a
  j o b ,   h e   o r   s h e   w o u l d   c l a i m   i t .   C a l i f o r n i a   w o u l d   b e   r e l i e v e d
   o f   t h e   c o s t   o f   t h i s   p r i s o n   a s   t h e   p o p u l a t i o n   b u i l d s   a n 
e c o n o m y   f o r   t h e m s e l v e s .

See to the realization of my solution to this problem, as illustrated and explained in my novel, “The Winner.” (By Gritz, not Baldacci)
You could save the lives and psyches of millions of kids, and their parents, and save billions of dollars to boot. Let us do what Solomon Hochman did with his money.
Barnes & Noble:
B&N lets you read the first chapter.


If you should check behind shower curtain for a murderer, have a plan in case you find one.

 There’s the movie out with Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson that illustrates the recycling of human bodies to provide food for the starving masses. I want this to become a reality; instead of rotting in the ground or a massive chest of drawers, or being burned to a powder and “deading” in an Urn; why are we wasting our body parts? We have a massive shortage of Kidneys, as an example, which we could eliminate, as well as others, and, as a bonus, eliminate murders for the marketing of body parts. Our bodies can be a valuable contribution to society, and God, if you will, by not having our bodies rotting away, wasted!
Make it so! Write your Congress members, newspaper, and discussion boards. Maybe even me!

The cost of medical care is highly inflated by the markup medical providers add to their billing to cover malpractice insurance premiums. Add to that the factor added to fees charged by suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, and others who provide assistance to hospitals to cover lawsuits, the final tally for medical care is inflated by other than the provision of supplies, machinery, and care itself. We need to change tort law to bring a halt to class action lawsuits that bring in astronomical fees to lawyers; Yes! Drug creators are sometimes careless, but the percentage taken from awards as attorney fees are outrageous; 50 to 80%. I’m sure complaints will be filed by makers of 50 million dollar private planes and yachts.
I agree that losers of lawsuits should pay the costs of both parties, and in cases where the defendant wins, the loser should pay compensatory damanges as well.
What we need are prison sentences for corporation executives found guilty of malfeasance rather than money damages from the company itself. The protection of personal estates by incorporation of a medical business should be modified to permit drying out the guilty party’s personal wealth before insurance is allowed to cover judgments.
Should we curtail the growth of technology and accept what we have, possibly not to live as long as medical science will do - and it will - keep us living longer than life is worth living? Besides all that, how could you get to your next healthy and vigorous life, if you don’t leave this one? There should be a pill! (Cheap.) The Soylent Green Corporation is badly needed.
Punitive damages should, in most cases, be required to be paid to charities selected by the court, rather than going to the plaintiff. The winning attorney’s share should be limited as to the portion of such damages.
Last, but not at all least: if you’ve seen the movie, “Soylent Green,” with Charlton Heston, and Edward G. Robinson, or read the book, you’ll know what I mean when I say, a person should be free to call it quits-for any reason, and be made into a box of cookies, after the useful parts are removed. It would feed the world, and tremendously reduce the cost of medical care. I have much more on this, but you’ll have to ask.


We will work to legalize the use of marijuana nationally, and permit states to prohibit it, control it, and tax it at their discretion. All national personnel currently enforcing laws against the growth or use of hemp will be given other duties, or be terminated, which is to say, dis-employed, not killed. All funds saved as a result of this move should be used to reduce the national debt.
The problem with legalizing the weed is the battle with the monolithic businesses that have everything to lose if marijuana is legalized; graft will move billions of dollars into the pockets of legislators. The war to keep marijuana illegal will be won unless Congress is made up of people dedicated to eliminating the billions of dollars of wasteful expense from the budgets of the federal and state taxpayers. Of course, we also lose out by not being able to tax these businesses. And, don’t forget the lawyers who make oodles of $ defending dealers.
Now, we have a “triple whammy”: no sales tax on marijuana sales, no income taxes on growers, distributors, and retailers, and the taxes we currently pay to fight this impossible battle to “purify the race.”
How many lives and limbs would be saved by this approach?
How much less will we have to chip-in for police, medical, and court trials connected with the enforcement of laws that will forever be broken?
How many police departments will then have enough officers to prevent/fight crime?

Without a purpose, life is not worth living. Without diversions from the serious issues in your life, there is insanity, and without reasoning, there are few intelligent decisions. So spaketh Sauly Gritzathustra!


The Bald Eagle Party- as an association or a party, will demand a requirement that members of both houses of Congress personally familiarize themselves with every bill they vote on, or not vote. Every candidate for Congress, including members up for reelection, should be required to swear to do so. The TBEPP will not only keep tabs on all bills to spot late, and last minute, additions, but to make them known to all members, and the public, before the official vote is taken.
The TBEPP will be naively enthusiastic about no bill going without making certain that the contents of all bills shall be known to Congress members and their constituents. Also, no member should be permitted to change their vote after it is taken.
Speak to me; we’ll talk; like grown-ups!
Important: If you want to see this party get off the ground, even as just an association, then submit your “membership.” No dues. Actual names, city, state, & email address, without which I cannot gauge the degree of popularity. (I will NOT snitch on you, or bug you with lots of incomings!)

Questions not asked cannot be answered; input not given cannot be useful.

Check out: Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  I’m leaving them all my assets, plus life insurance


 There will be no organization, no order, in subject, or topic. Just a meandering inquiring fascistic mind.
During his 1956 presidential campaign, a woman called out to Adlai Stevenson: "Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!" Stevenson called back: "That's not enough, madam, we need a majority!"Naturally, he lost! (However; it may have been due to the hole in his shoe.)


take a break
The neighborhood Presbyterian church called a meeting to decide what to do about the squirrels in their church. After prayer and consideration, they concluded the squirrels were predestined to be there and they shouldn't interfere with God's divine will.
At the Baptist Church the squirrels had taken an interest in the baptistery. The deacons met and decided to put a water slide on the baptistery and let the squirrels drown themselves. The squirrels liked the slide and knew instinctively how to swim, so twice as many squirrels showed up the following week.
The Methodist church decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God's creatures.  So, they humanely trapped their squirrels and set them free near the Baptist Church. Two weeks later the squirrels were back when the Baptists took down the water slide.
But the Catholic Church came up with a very creative strategy. They baptized all the squirrels and consecrated them as members of the church.  Now they only see them at Christmas and Easter.

Not much was heard from the Jewish synagogue; they took the first squirrel and circumcised him.  They haven't seen a squirrel since.

Eliminate account numbers from credit cards, and we eliminate fraud. There is no reason for the number to be seen, the number should be kept elsewhere.

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The government imports poverty by accepting low-skilled immigrants. Only people with something to offer the nation should be allowed. Never mind humanism, high unemployment demands low immigration of unemployable s.
Separation of church and state: As long as the church has tax advantages for being one, they must obey man’s laws; surrender those advantages and man will let them do as they wish. Additionally, churches providing sanctuary to people not persecuted for their religious beliefs should not be seen as being protected by the constitution.
Where Republicans force religion and morality on us, Democrats force bankruptcy; Bald Eagles would force nothing but the containment of self-righteousness in the minds of the movers and shakers.



Have you heard the expression, “Single facet thinking”? Of course not, I thought it up. About a diamond that has many facets to it: some people deal with only one facet of a many-faceted question - which most questions are - and ignore all the others. Of course, that makes dealing with the question easier than trying to reason through all the facets and adopting a legitimate viewpoint of the whole subject - on balance; I get the impression that not many people do that! Seinfeld would say: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” Sure there is! What follows are challenges to tunnel vision.

A Deist's "God" is that coincidence of a desire, and it's satisfaction that results from a wish; it's Messenger" is  the absence of a negative thought, and the power of knowing that there is no possibility of an all-powerful sentient Being knowing and judging him, or anyone; An "Atheist" should decide if (s)he is with conviction, or simply doubtful.



We need a bill submitted to Congress to limit retirement funds offered by multi-state employers, or associations, to plans administered by reputable disinterested third-party firms - with no executive, or owner, related to the employer. These fund managers should be governed by the U.S. Secretary of Labor. They should guarantee a minimum interest rate, a share of excess earnings, and assume all the risk.”(Like insurance annuities); leave it to employees to risk their disposable income without their employer, or union, involved; and we should eliminate tax incentives for such contributions, which would increase the net benefits when claimed.

Permits and licenses to do business within a single state should not need federal involvement if the business or personal activity does not affect a federal facility. State legislators should outlaw permits and licenses designed to keep newcomers out of a type of business. Let competition be truly free, without politics, and let “little people” start their own businesses without laws promoted by those already in it, to protect themselves. Florida is entertaining the idea of protecting Morticians by requiring makers and sellers of coffins to be licensed after years of education. That’s ugly! Anyone should, upon proof of competence, be permitted to operate; keeping competition low increases the cost of living,and high unemployment.

As I believe home ownership is not necessarily in most people’s favor, the tax deduction of the interest should be eliminated as a deduction for new buyers, or re-finance rs'. It’s said that deducting home interest was to give people an incentive to buy; in this economy, home ownership is too expensive and troublesome. It will be a long time before anyone is going to see equity; renting, for the tenant should cost 50% less than owning, leaving lots of money for savings, and purchases; personal homes should not be looked upon as an investment, except as a business.

    Yes! “Landlords” (they’re not Lords, you know!), lose out on this idea because tenants are not always as loving to apartments. But those who want to own their home for the sense of security it provides can have an easier life living middle-income by not having to carry the year-to-year burden of paying for potential equity, along with interest, home maintenance, insurance, taxes, etc. It’s for them to decide, and to "eat" losses in value. Punishment for economic downturns should be shouldered by themselves, not the rest of us, certainly not by the President, Congress, or the State with money that does not exist; we live on smoke!                   


(of 1,653)

* Beyond Freedom & Dignity by B.F. Skinner

* The Peter Principle, by Lawrence Peter

* Novels by Nelson DeMille, John Sanford, James Patterson, Richard North Patterson, Greg Iles, and Richard Castle.

* The Story of Judaism, by B.J. Bamberger

* The History of Islam, by Robert Payne

* The novel, Arcadia, by Jim Crace

* Any novel written by Richard North Patterson

* The Games people Play, by Eric Bern

* The two Bibles, and the Koran

* Justice Overrules, by Judge Burton S. Katz

* “Money,” by Steve Forbes

* “Bias,” by Bernard Goldberg

* Leadership, Rudolph Giuliani, former Mayor of N.Y.C.

* "The Industries Of The Future," by Alec Ross.

* By Charles Krauthammer

* By Thomas L. Friedman

* By Thomas Sowell

 * Senator Bernie Sanders, to own evidence of the illogical mind.

 Who do you read?

Howz about a federal program that grants to all children who, on in their last half of high school, pass tests that establish a level of intelligence, and ambition for specific vocations, both academic and vocational?
The amount of the grants would be based on established costs for the first two years in approved schools, both government and private.
Funding would be by grants from private enterprises,  associations, and wealthy individuals with annual payments, life insurance policies with the owner and beneficiary being the fund-therefor tax-deductible, and grants in their Wills.
The federal department of education would be the administrator.
All particulars that go into something like this would be processed should this idea be adopted for consideration. It's just an idea that works at serving all political interests for balance.

Public schools should modify their systems, to begin with, five-year old's on how to listen, and to focus, on anything - and to reason, in addition to the “three R’s.” Everything else should take second place; memorizing should be in the last place. How to reason one’s way through life should be the Prime Directive; [reasoning how electric traffic lights and the "walk" signal work, at the start of every term, would be good!

Anything else should be privately run options offered by each school, in competition with all others. Schools – public and private - should be overseen by states, with no national involvement. Every grade should have a class on reasoning, relative to the attained age of students.The national government should, of course, set a basic set of subjects.

* States should feel free to order their cities, and counties, to sell their schools to close corporations set up by the teachers of each school, for the value of the “plant’s” property, equipment, and hardware, on a fifty-year non-interest-baring note; the notes would be held by the state, and used for the general interests of their counties. Those teachers who don’t buy shares would work for the corporation owned by their associates and the new owners would know what it’s like to be on the other side of a union. God!!! That would be painful!

* All employees of schools for students below college level should be licensed by states, mandated to clear all applicants for any position through a national computer for any reports of pedophilia; and the principle to report all employees proved to be pedophiles within three days of the dismissal, subject to personal penalty.


 I would like to know what special interests prohibit national and states from giving foreign students with diplomas automatic residency permits. We educated them and insisted they go away. Why do we throw away their knowledge?


 I think we should look into forming a commission to issue franchises to intrastate corporations who issue county franchises to private parties, required to deliver any and all mail (one way or another); mail to be distributed by the national distributors to the state distributors, who would be free to partner with private mail services in distribution, and delivery. Bonding will, of course, be essential. I believe Article 1; sec. 8 of the Constitution does not prohibit this.


 A president cannot get even close to resolving the domestic problems we are faced with. It will take a new dedicated party in power, with an honest set of values, and the collective Chutzpah to resist criminality, opportunity, and egoism to dominate the legislatures of all states and the nation. Only then can we hope to see a candidate who will actually lead us toward the maturity we were supposed to have achieved a long time ago. His name is John Maxwell Flesch. (See "The FECMA Conspiracy." a Novel.)

Now the Republicratic party works hard to resist the natural inclination of most people to want a daddy and mommy-type of government supported by independent, high earning fellow citizens.

Each side of the aisle has members of extreme thinking; either toward the left or the right. Each party member is faced with decisions to join the majority of the party members, or go with his or her convictions if any.

Each party has “gangs” among them; representatives with independent and balanced members going with the majority to get bills passed, or rejected.

Qualified members of a party, who are inclined to reject too many of the party’s favored legislation have no chance to be nominated, and a balanced-minded member will not have the support of one’s party, either Democrat or Republican.

This party will not run a candidate for President until we have members in both houses having as many votes as each of the other two parties. Only by The Bald Eagle Party’s balanced values can the votes of socialists and “royalty” lose their dominance in Congress, and reverse the direction of our downward slide to oblivion, or at least, halted. It’s in the hands and the minds of voters.

You've heard the story of the large restaurant where there are five cooks in the kitchen, each having an equal vote as to how to run the place and what the menu should be, included in the planning are the servers and the customers. They serve those who live many miles away and those who eat across the street most of the time. That's become the American version of a Republic.

In the face of having learned the faults of Democratic societies that are actually “run by its people,” we behave as a Democracy with the people in control, which we were not designed to be; our nation is a Republic! Our enemy is the human instinct to progress while we do not agree as to a destination. What we have to do is to push extremists - political and religious - into ineffective, and unpopular political parties.

One of my dreams in political ideas is that suddenly, out of the blue, every voter decided to pass on all issues and offices they don’t really understand, or cannot decide among the candidates for particular offices. A really good citizen is one who does not vote the opinions of others; “Who should I vote for?” is a terrible question! The current results of elections are not a reflection of intelligent decision-making. Turning in a ballot with only one or two issues marked, or even entirely blank, is more patriotic than turning in a ballot marked with the opinions of others, or just guesses or because the candidate is a woman or white, black, or sky-blue pink.


One of the many problems we face is the poem on the base of Lady Liberty; it is not the result of legislation, but a national private contest won by a socialist poet. We need to cancel the invitation. We should accept only applicants with something to offer America, not unfortunate people to fill the lower step on the ladder, for life. We long ago needed people from everywhere else to make a nation, which we became; we are destroying ourselves by continuing to welcome the downtrodden; it’s suicide; close the gates!

 As long as we have campaign donations, states should think about forbidding any and all campaigns, or candidates, for state office from accepting support from sources outside of that office’s district; Cities and counties should do the same: no money from outside the district, and corporate money should be prohibited.

It is supposed to be that the people within a district decide who represents them, not permitting outsiders to effect the election in any way. Until we have a state version of FECMA, (SECMA), only local money should be permitted; an MECMA for Municipal.)

This stuff sounds dirty!



 After elimination of federal taxation of individuals and intra-state businesses, there would be no advantage for private employers to provide fringe benefits - except for the wholesale discount, tax-favorability, and reduction of the pre-existent conditions clause; it would be voluntary on the employer’s part, or, associated employees could be permitted to shop for fringe benefits at wholesale rates through their employers. Intra-state corporations should be governed and taxed by the state only.


1. Submit a request for the President to order a feasibility study to look into the linking ability of all ships, (an attachable flotilla) so as to be able to form, and deform, complete mobile military bases on international water, to include a hospital ship, and a sports and entertainment ship. We should remove our military from countries who resent our presence.

2. On foreign policy: I believe the USA should stop promoting democracy offshore, and leave it to social/political/religious evolution to do its thing. I choose to believe that all we should do is deliver a better life for ourselves than dictatorships; evil, and/or religious. The internet will take care of it, all by itself! Let all civil wars go on without American input, and regain the respect and affection we used to have. Egocentricity be-gone! (But not to the extent Barry O is taking it!)

3. We should treat unfriendly nations with matching behavior: resist and fight them according to their own values. I reject the idea that we would lower ourselves to their level; our self-chosen enemies should know that we will respond to their attacks, as they would respond to ours if they had the power.

4. As for terrorism, I approve of the term, "Islamic extremism" as we accept Christian, Jewish, and political extremism. The term is appropriate and does not refer to the religions, but to the believers who interpret their religion or political entity to an extreme. The present brew-ha-ha over the term by government sissies is evidence of their own incompetence and fears.  

We should stop thinking we own the world. We had not been appointed by the Big Guy/Gal to rule the planet. (S/He told me that during our last conference.) Getting involved in civil wars in other nations is the action of government egoism.

As for ISIS, they are not just a threat to the Muslim nations, they kill civilized citizens, and should be retaliated against by those victim's national leadership. As President of the U.S.A., I would have long ago put into action a plan I have in mind; that Englishman leading the gang would have already been found, and kept alive to suffer a punishment I have long ago created as "Capitol Punishment."  Killing people is Not punishing them; I have a better idea.

ISIS is not a nation, and should not be seen as such, even if they are obviously an organization. We must treat them as a very dangerous gang which is a threat to us, in particular, and we must annihilate that gang. Leaving it to the Muslim nations to do so is, in my opinion, Chicken, and suicidal. 


 1. Eliminate federal involvement with mortgages. Only the states should govern and mandate guarantees by private administrators. That would have national companies doing business according to each state’s requirements.

We must return to letting money-lenders design their loans; States should give approval to lenders, and their rates; lenders who screw-up, should be closed, and individually held personally responsible for losses; money-lenders should not be protected by incorporation, thereby exposing their personal estates to lawsuits and recovery. Banks should be audited quarterly by the state, and without warning; “The Eagles have Landed,” style.


Civil service workers should not be paid more than civilians doing the same type of job, all forms of compensation included, and, by being unionized, civil service protection should be voided.

A Bald Eagle President would establish a federal “Internal Auditing Department,” actually a commission, staffed by non-political auditors who would be drawn from the non-political public. They would move among the departments – unannounced.

Their assignment would be to examine the books, contracts, and everything else specifically to detect what must be there: cheating, lying, fake jobs, positions no longer needed, and everything else that unnecessarily maintains the highest budget allowance possible. The commissioner of this department would be outside the influence of the executive, the legislature, and the Judiciary, to report to the President him/herself, and the media simultaneously. This would be a massive department, financed by the closing all the many departments no longer needed, as the Fed steps back from dealing with the people directly. Of course, there would be limits. First the idea, then the plan, then the mechanics.

A bonus program for each department director based on a fraction of a percent of every dollar remaining unspent in their budget at year's end, providing the proposed next year's budget is equal to, or less than, the net on which the department had operated during the previous year.


Back in the early nineteen hundreds, unions were a gift to workers with which to humble vicious employers; employer arrogance has long been under control; it’s a new age. It’s past the time to bring down Trade Unions, which had become counterproductive, and let employees of individual employers deal with each other. Unions should not be more powerful than any single employer. Union pension funds should be turned over to totally unrelated administrators, such as insurers.

Trade unions should give way to “Trade Hiring” private enterprises; like employment agencies (Job Shops), but being businesses that test and train workers at three levels of competence. Employers would ask for workers at whatever level of competence they want, relative to what they want their payroll to carry; quality of product or service of the employer would show, and competition would rein free.

Such employees would qualify for permanent jobs, if needed, after a period of experience, according to the employer.

There would be no overbearing power by unions, or employers, due to the new custom of association of employees of single employers.

Union organizers would have to adjust by establishing “Job shops” of their own, and getting used to no longer controlling the economy, and businesses; inflation would slow down, grow slower, or deflate due to the absence of mandated-through-extortion (the threat of a strike). We would then have to find employment for Goons.


We should be held responsible for our behavior regardless of the cause; crimes committed while under the influence of drugs should not be treated differently than other conditions. Self-defense is defensible, and insanity not being voluntary, is as well; voluntarily taking hallucinogens, and breaking the law should be punishable without blaming the drug for the crime. As for too many candy bars, Humm!


 The preamble reads: "We the people . . . promote the general welfare. . . "To promote does not mean the national government is to *do* anything; promoting means to *encourage* the states to do. D.C. could be reduced to a small village without breaching the constitution.

Article 1; Section 8: Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes…to pay debts and defend the nation . . . for the general welfare of the nation itself, not the people. Yes, a nation refers to people in common, but the “nation” is the entity the constitution organizes, not the people; the states organize the people who had organized the state for that purpose. We were actually meant to be independent entities constituting a single nation, in place of a confederation, with the intent of the states to remain reasonably independent parts of the nation, not “slaves” to it!

"Militias" is a reference to all citizens able to bare arms, as such, is not an organization in itself.
The 2nd amendment was specifically intended to recognize the state's right to form from the "militia" armies to protect themselves from the Federal government, as well as respond to a call to arms in defense of the nation; the ownership of a firearm is basic to self-preservation, so the amendment made clear that people needed to own weapons when called to arms. Now that the military provides the weapons, there is no need for it, except the need to protect ourselves from each other. As for a citizen protecting himself from the feds, by going down fighting? But you *will* go down!

All references within the second Amendment are service to the first sentence: A well Regulated militia . . . being necessary for a free state . . ."Only to protect the states does this amendment exist, not to protect us from each other, or from our other fears; just to protect the States from the National government; not until the 20th century did special insterests redefine this amendment, and special interests keep it going.

“A well-regulated Militia” is an army formed from the "Militia, not an organization, to one that is organized; this expression should be followed by, “commanded by a General Officer appointed by the governor, and confirmed by the state Senate, with the authority to form and regulate such a military organization from among the "Militia" of the people.

NOTE: There is nothing in the second amendment to prevent legislation:  “The right to own weapons shall not be infringed, except that a federal permit shall be required to carry or transport, for any reason, firearms, or explosives, even if to transfer to, or from, a business or home. The right to keep and bear arms in home and business is what we are guaranteed. (This amendment was intended to recognize the state’s right to have a militia, regardless of what the Supreme Court decided in 2013.)

John Paul Stevens, retired Supreme Court Justice, sees it my way; He said, in his recent book, to insert to the second amendment, the right to bear arms “when serving in the military.” I’m not alone on this.

As for permits to carry, it should be required *before* buying a weapon. Anyone wanting one at the moment should have a problem getting it. Those who intend to, or want it when they should need it, should apply immediately - like insurance – so you can get it if and when you want it. As I’ve said, permits should be on people, not weapons. But I believe in serial number registry, so I’m in trouble.

3. "Double Jeopardy." The 5th states, . . . "twice put in jeopardy of *life, or limb.*" In jeopardy of incarceration is not mentioned; deprivation of liberty, and property without due process does not seem to be included in "double-jeopardy."

4. The right to defense, against what? The charges? Where does it state or imply that the defense could twist, or withhold evidence, or testimony? ("Don't tell me what is right or wrong, moral or immoral, fair or unfair, just tell me what is legal and what is not.") Constitutionally, no defense should be any more talented than any other; the cunning of the attorneys should be replaced by technology. (A "Lie detector", voice-stress analyzer, and narc o-synthesis.)

5. Article 1. . .

A. Congress of the United States . . . Consists of two houses: the House and the Senate. So why do so many people refer to House members as Congress members and Senators as such? They’re all Congress members!

B. “The number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every 30,000”, etc. Let’s make it 1 for every 100,000; we've grown!

6. Article IV; Sec.4. The nation is a Republican form of government, but the states are free to be democracies, so California is a democracy as proved by their citizen’s initiatives, which are abused by special interests; citizens should not be running the state or nation; it is to be run by representatives. There should be, instead of loony initiatives, more recalls.

7. First amendment; the word “Speech” should be defined as, “Verbal or written communication of thought; the giving of a thing is not a form of speech. Though a “Thing” is something of physical substance, favors should be included.

NOTE: The first amendment does not guarantee our freedom of speech with each other, it prohibits *the Government* from interfering with our self-expression. Nothing within the first ten amendments protects the people from each other.

9. Article V111; the words, “Cruel” & “unusual” need to be specifically defined.

10. Amendment X; “. . . Powers not delegated to the United States . . . are reserved to the States . . .  or to the people.” “People” certainly *can* mean each individual; it should mean, collectively. This needs to be defined because too many people think they can, as individuals, assume rights of their own making, which is ridiculous. (I believe Islam instructs just that: Each follower does his own thing, on his own. We need that like we need a cancer!)

11. Amendment XIV; “. . . All persons born . . . are citizens of the United States, and of the state wherein they reside,” Should be followed by, “provided they were born to an American citizen, or permanent legal residents after they attain citizenship.” In other words, parents would apply as a family, and no women can illegally cross the border, squat, and deliver a citizen.

By the way, is an infant really a citizen? If so, why can’t it vote?

Amendment XVI; Delete it, and pass *legislation* of a new taxing system permitted by Section 8 of the Constitution.

12. The 6th amendment covers trial by jury, etc; I think an amendment to this amendment should require that jury selection should be done by the judge, without input from the adversaries.


 Instead of expensive imprisonment, those with multiple criminal acts – felonious and misdemeanors – should call for ejaculation (it’s a matter of speed) of such miscreants from this country. Life in prison is not a civilized idea in a perfect world, and it’s expensive unless we make them productive, which we don’t. Putting them in boats 100 miles from the coast would be perfect. Do you have a better idea?




                     VERY SERIOUS STUFF

 1. In golf, clubs are referred to as right, or left handed; we are either right-eye, or left-eye dominant, regardless of what hand is dominant, so I think the golf industry and professionals should change their references to apply to the eye, not the hand. Make it so, because I use left-eyed clubs. In my hands, they’re pretty dangerous!

2. The Eleventh Commandment is of course, “Be ye therefore perfect.” Well, you’ve read perfect solutions to our nation’s problems, and if you disagree, I dare you to debate with me.

3. Did you know that Hong Kong’s average IQ is 107; South Korea is 106, Japan is 105, Italy and Germany are 102, England is 100, and the USA is 98? Is this really due to our intake of so many lower intellects, or are we really dumbing down? (Figures are based on test-takers, not everyone.) What is the average IQ of American 16 year-olds; male and female?

4. In this holiday season, once again we are reminded that free enterprise and our dependence on economic transactions to support ours and governments needs moves manufacturers and retailers to bug us with commercials and sales, which results in them continually moving Thanksgiving and Christmas up a few days every year. I imagine that by the year 2020, we’ll be faced with Thanksgiving sales for 2021 three days after January 1st of 2021; and Christmas sales the following week. Then we would have to create new holidays to follow Hanukkah in December.
5. Seriously; I had intended to create a manufacturing firm back in the day, which would do the following: hundreds of employees in a single campus situated on property that provides *rental* housing for employees.
* The rent would be absolutely minimum, non-profit.
* Those employees who move into such apartments would be paid less than those living elsewhere, or, elect to have rent automatically deducted from their pay.
* The property would provide retail outlets where employees would pay non-profit prices, through discounts.
* There would be no need for the use of expensive vehicles to and from work; no loan payments, gas, electricity, less maintenance=less cost-of-living.

It would be *private property* with controlled ingress/egress, and private police; no gangs, no theft, all non-profit. . . Except for the company's products, or services, of course. Any outside business could lease a space and compete with company stores.Result: The cost of manufacturing in the U.S.A. would be near the cost in Asia, with no cost for overseas shipping, and total quality control.

* No new or rebuilt building in any city should have a parking lot near it; no markets, no restaurants, no shopping centers, no homes. Every building should sit a level above the ground, which would be for parking, plumbing, sewerage, and electrical lines above ground. The result, as we evolve would be more room on streets thirty feet above the ground, and space for more buildings, recreation areas, and parks. Also, streets would be made wider for buses and large trucks, without curb-parking. Imagine a double-decked city.

* All federal government personnel, including elected and appointed leaders and legislators should have the identical fringe benefits as provided to all citizens. Any and all ungraded benefits should be paid for by a group policy on all participants, providing a choice of coverage entirely paid for by the participant through payroll withholding, on after-tax income. This idea is illustrated in my novel, “The Winner, by Gritz.”

* All of us are the result of conditioning; each of us is what our childhood experiences produced with our parent's teachings, and experiences with the kids we grew up with, in the psychological atmosphere in which we developed, and with the particular genetic variations in our own bloodlines. So why is it that we become adults who believe everything should be “our” way, even for those who grew up in entirely different cultures?

* Why don’t we number highways within the U.S.A. with four digits, so there would not be a duplication of numbers? See #395 on both the western side and eastern ends of the country.

* The more we advance technology, the more unemployment we create. The more we replace ourselves with computers, the more we need to think of what people will be doing without working. What, I wonder, would happen to our nation, even the world when people will have so much “time on their hands,” without the mentality to create socially beneficial activities? WAR!!!! Just for the action.

The average IQ in the U.S.A. Is 98. What kind of jobs will actual 98ers do? What about those in the 80's? How high will the crime rate be in 2050? ( That is if we haven't yet crashed.) If the U.S.A does not institute birth-control, and close the gates,  it would be overwhelming. Should the government legislate a Luddite law?
If I were President of the U.S., I would put aside the gun issue (2nd amendment), and concentrate on a national program to address mental health care. It would be created by a commission of non-political specialist in the field, with no political involvements, and make the states the beneficiaries of the ideas. I would then go for my own plan on gun ownership.
Every person standing for federal elective office should be investigated to the date of their birth, before being qualified for candidacy; one’s own documentation should not be accepted as proof. States should consider the same requirement, right down to municipalities.


 Additional proof that we are losing it is the way we use words; e.g. Amagine for imagine; amergency for emergency; etc. We have to learn to tawk good, especially professional tawkers!


 The discoverer of a gene for certain characteristics is currently permitted to own that gene; in some states, the discoverer is presumed to own that gene in your body, as well as your progeny. Do you think that’s right? Look it up, ask your Lawyer, or, your congress member.
The Constitution should be interpreted according to contemporary realities, rather than precisely to the assumed intent of our founders.


From Rabbi/Reverend/Father Saul
* As ye are taught as a child, so shall ye need; as ye need, so shall ye believe. A man is the sum of his own thoughts; as ye think, so shall it be, unto YOU.
* In philosophy, there is no such thing as true or false, or right and wrong, unless proved by unquestionable fact; the fact itself is the truth, not the belief.
* It’s not positive thinking that accomplishes things; it’s the absence of negative thinking that does it; a positive thinker is at the mercy of false ego, which usually leaves a person flat on ‘is arse.
* When out and about, whether walking, or riding, always do what you know you are expected to do by others involved; reduce the incidence of combat, and stay off the phone as you move.
* As we grow, we will more and more come down to the simple truth: God is Ethics, not a sentient being; no HIM, no IT, just the idea of living an ethical life. This has been the basis for Judaism since Josiah, the need for ceremony rules man; the belief in an ethical life grows man.  
Because the USA is a nation of too many selfish and ignorant voters, I have become convinced that America has no future. That’s because, even if each of my readers accepts any of my ideas, I am positive that not even one percent of you will do anything about it; not writing your congress members, a letter to the editor, or to email me with well-considered opinions, and suggestions – favoring, opposed, or modifying.  But, to keep me busy until I get a break by being assigned to life on another planet, here are my steps to avoid the crash of ’31 on this one.( By the way, I participate in the discussion club, "
* As has been said many times before, the better-off a nation, the worse-off the ethics.
* Too high a percentage of successful people give less consideration to ethics as they progress, leaving the unsuccessful to rely on the only thing left: Ethics; removing money from elections would go a long way to correcting that.


 Against technology that records what people are, as individuals, doing on their computers. It’s a field of its own that uses and sells people’s wants, sites visited, and all that stuff that makes money.
I think the elimination of personal privacy as technology develops should be stopped in its tracks and reversed. Yes, these invasions are creating jobs but consider: we hate government getting into our lives, yet we allow commerce to do so. Think about it.
Additionally, the Congress should work up a law outlawing retailers' use of technology to read credit cards in people's wallets while in the store. It fascinates me that it's permitted.



* To understand an Anarchist, you must understand his/her childhood, and one's ability to accept human nature as it is, and more than 20 humans living together doing without authority. Bare in mind, the number of Anarchists is below 1/1000th percent of the Western population.


In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: " democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship."

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the Beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 ears, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:
From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage."


        This is a study of why it looks like one-half the population should pay the other half not to work, and be happy about it. Overpopulation is not a theory; it is a fact in the making that must be dealt with before it is admitted that it exists.

        Why it make no difference who pays for things; we all do, repeatedly, round and round it goes, never stopping; there is no original source of money but the printer.
        Example: A bank is robbed; who pays for the loss? Banks pay premiums to the insurer, FDIC; banks get the money from borrowers in interest rates and service fees. (If FDIC receives any tax money, the system is ill-run.)
        Borrowers pay the banks, receiving the money from customers in the pricing, so all customers of all businesses and services that borrow money from banks pay the premiums for FDIC insurance.
        When bank robbers defend themselves by saying they don't steal from regular people, they, in fact do-in the pricing of all merchandise and services; they steal from the FDIC, which is an insurance company, so who cares about them, who get the money to pay claims from insureds, which is everyone, including the robbers themselves. The same process is the national economy and commands the health or illness of the nation.

        So let's look at government welfare; is it really necessary in it's present form?
        Absolutely not! The present system is expensive, and unnecessarily so because of the payroll, and other overhead expenses it carries. We need more efficiency with a different approach.
        This approach is not original; it has been spoken of many times, and been passed on, I think for selfish reasons; Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook just published a book on this idea, "Fair Shot." Many people see this as a non-socialistic idea to cover the near future when over-population will put a lot of people out of work for want of available jobs.

        Instead of welfare, and unemployment insurance costs, the idea of a federal payment to every citizen who earns less than a reasonable income for basic existence: rent, groceries, etc, would annually during December, turn in by any computer on the internet, to receive monthly checks during the new year. The computer would check with IRS as to the SS tax turned in by employers who report payroll to IRS, to verify that claimant is truthful.
       At installation, all families will have their kids considered, but at a certain date, no increase of income will be based on a number of children. (to prevent having babies for an increase.)
        This idea negates the need to be on unemployment, welfare, and any other source of money to the poor, as far as the federal government is concerned.
        With enough income guaranteed to be in one's bank account, or mail box by the first of each month, there would be no need for many federal and state departments which will greatly reduce the cost of government, therefore taxes, and add to the unemployment problem, which is the natural result of advancement.

        So now we address unemployment problems that currently exist, and the greater the problem gets if we do as I suggest above.
        Let people decide to leave the working world to others and live on a universal minimum income from the national treasury in automatic payments. (in my tax system, each state will be paying their share within their remittances to the Fed. )
        People would be free to earn in legal ways additional income and enter income tax rate categories based on net income above established levels that consider the income from the national treasury.

        Those citizens not employed, permanently, or temporarily, and those who are unemployable or very low wage-earners would have a livable income, and the choice of living accordingly, or trying to earn enough to learn an employable talent; people could take “sabbaticals” to study for higher employment opportunities. Local governments can provide education through their own tax systems. (I cover that in my proposal for a new tax system.)
        There would no longer be a federal unemployment or welfare checks.

        I hope this approach, if adopted, will be created by a non-political commission elected in presidential elections, or appointed temporarily, by the President until such election. Such Commissioners should not be more than one from each state, and no more than ten? commissioners.

"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.
The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensual-ism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.
Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.
No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome."
(Source: The River War, first edition, Vol II, pages 248-250 London).

My thought? There are millions of Muslims who do not actually accept all the rot of the Koran, just as there are Christians and Jews who ignore much of their bibles; I ask those people to kiss-off the name of their religion, and adopt a new one. Actually the Muslims can become Jewish, since Mohammad passed himself off as a successor to the Jew Jesus, who was assumed to be the Jew's Messiah. All they need do is dismiss Mohammad as anything more than another guy looking for meaning.

SPEAK TO ME, personally!!!!
        COME BACK, HEAH?

 More to come, including editing of previous entries, and this parting revelation:

On July 8, 1947, numerous witnesses had claimed that an Unidentified Flying Object, (UFO), with five aliens aboard, crashed onto a sheep and  mule ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico.
This is a well-known incident that many say has long been covered-up by the U.S. Air Force, as well as other Federal Agencies and Organizations.
 During the month of April, year 1948, NINE months after the historic day, the following people were born:
Barrack Obama, Sr.
Albert A. Gore, Jr. 
Hillary Rodham 
William Jefferson Clinton
John F. Kerry 
Howard Dean 
Nancy Pelosi 
Dianne Feinstein 
Charles E. Schumer 
Barbara Boxer 

Joe Biden

Which Republicans were part of the incoming during the same period?