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604 Course Ouline Summer 2007
T. Bellavia video (Teacher Tube)

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How to make a simple "Fold -A- Book"
Step 1 -- Use Any size paper.
Step 2 -- Fold paper lengthwise.
Step 3 -- Fold into eights.
Step 4 -- Cut with scissors half way up.
Step 5 -- Fold lengthwise.
Step 6 -- Push into the center.
Step 7 -- Push until corners meet the center.
Step 8 -- Fold to make a book shape.
My review of the test video

A Review of a Test Video of Professor Bellavia

“How to Make A Fold Up Book”


  1. Eye contact was good.
  2. 2. he spoke well and clearly
How to Make a ... Large / Regular / Small Bound Book
Step 1 -- Take two or more sheets of paper and separately fold them like a hamburger.
Step 2 -- Place the folds side by side allowing 1/16 between the mountain top folds.
Step 3 -- Mark both folds 1" from the outer edges.
Step 4 -- On the top of the folded sheets "cut up" from the top to the bottom edge to the marked spot.
Step 5 -- On the second folded sheet, start at one of the marked spots and "cut out" the fold between the two marks.  Do NOT cut into the fold too deeply, only shave it off. 
step 6 -- Take the "cut up" sheet and burrito fold it. Place the "burrito" fold through the "cut out" sheet and then open the burrito up.  Fold the bound pages in half to form a book.