Welcome to the home page of Titirangi Baptist Church's South Titirangi Home Group.  We are a group of about a dozen Christians from Titirangi Baptist Church who meet together regularly (usually weekly) for fun, fellowship and bible study.  As the name suggests, most of us live in or around the South Titirangi area but we have people from as far away as Henderson and Glendene.

We meet together on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm; we're usually finished and away home by 10pm.

Email us at homegroup@arapito.com for more information.

If you got to this page by entering www.arapito.com into your web browser, welcome.  This is just a holding page at the moment, I'm working on a full website through the miracle of Weebly - look for it to go live in the next couple of weeks (and notice how careful I am not to say when the two weeks begins).

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