Recent Changes

October 20th, 2011: Pastor Joel's NEJ Mission Reports were added to the Sermons & NEJ Reports page.
October 19th, 2011: Ishinomaki Mission Trip #22 (Oct. 21-23) was cancelled.
October 3rd, 2011: Updated the NEJ calendar, changed Ishinomaki Mission #22 to Oct 21-23 and added Kamaishi Mission #7 (Nov. 15-20)


The Northeast Japan Rebuilding Mission has a new blog written by members
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The TBC NEJ Report blog
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Our Mission

The Northeast Japan Rebuilding Mission is a project of Tokyo Baptist Church, the overall goal of which is to assist in rebuilding the lives of the people in Northeast Japan, both physically and spiritually. 


We invite all Christian believers everywhere to join us in prayer for the people of Japan, whose lives have been greatly affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. Please join us in asking God to bring peace and comfort and salvation to all who are in need. And please pray that God will guide and assist the Government of Japan, international organizations, churches, and each one of us to bring exactly the right kind of help and comfort to Japan and the Japanese people. Specific prayer suggestions are provided on this website and will be updated from time to time. Please click here.


If you have needs, suggestions, questions, information, or ideas that others need to hear, please let us know.  Click here.


Tokyo Baptist Church encourages its members and men and women everywhere to be generous in giving financial and other support to those organizations which are actively and effectively involved in providing assistance to victims of the earthquake. For information about how to support TBC's efforts financially, please click here.  


Since the quake on March 11, the pastors of Tokyo Baptist Church have received very many telephone calls and emails from organizations and individuals who are anxious to help. In response, the pastors have formed a team of people to help plan and organize an appropriate response --- things that we can all constructively do to help, in addition to praying and giving money. Our goal is ultimately for long-term efforts in Ishinomaki and other areas of the Tohoku Region yet to be determined. We want to not only be there for the immediate Relief efforts but also for the Rebuilding efforts and Care of those who are most affected by the devastation.  


A number of projects are currently being considered in which supplies and volunteers will move north and east to where they are most needed. Some other projects are looking at how we can receive into our homes and church those from northeast Japan who have been displaced by recent events. As soon as possible, these projects will be described on this website, so that you can volunteer for and comment on them.