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048 - SingAlong: "Solving for Unknowns"

posted Dec 25, 2020, 5:23 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Dec 25, 2020, 8:09 PM ]

Math-Tans  present....

"Solving for Unknowns"
     (*aka "Into the Unknown", from "Frozen II")

     Original by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez; sung by Idina Menzel.
     Parody Recorded (for play during Covid) : YouTube Here
     Karaoke used from Kristen Ryan : YouTube Here

xxxx, yyyy, zzzz

I could fear you. But no way.

Equation systems, cause no dismay.

We have substitution, if we simply rearrange,

Or a graph’s an option, and we shouldn’t find that strange, no.


There’s one more choice, elimination is its name

And if I scale up, which I might, we’ll still use it with planes.

Row reduce our matrices, the form is echelon

I’m sorry nth dimension, but your mystery is gone.

We’ve found us an answer, this system’s been addressed

We have made a point of checking, now we’ll have no stress,

Solving for unknowns

Solve for the unknowns

Solve all the unknowns

(Ohhh. Ohhh.)

What did we find? If no solution, don’t you shake,

Do not fear double checking, maybe fixing some mistake.

Yet inconsistent systems, they will have no point to spot.

We might get cross, but independent they are not.

Every way’s another outcome, as dependent systems grow,

Since their set is infinite as we can show,

Solving for unknowns

Solve for the unknowns

Solve all the unknowns





May be polar?

Make that graph quick!

Ohhhhhh. (Ohhh.)

Ohhhhhh. (Ohhh.)

Whoa, x. Whoa, y. Whoa, z.

What are your answers?

No need to postpone,

How did you follow through,

Solving for unknowns!