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024-Video Parody Mashup: 3U

posted Feb 15, 2013, 12:07 PM by Gregory Taylor
To finish semester one in January of 2013, a song mashup was created for the Grade 11 U-level Functions course, based on the Ontario Curriculum.  It was put together in FinalCut Express for the Mac.  Here's the whole story:

The recorded version can be found on YouTube here:

The explanation of how it was put together can be found on Blogger here:

The "Taylor's Polynomials" web series tie-in can be found here:

The song excerpts came from the following full length versions:
  3) Vertex
  5) Cosine It
  6) The Sine

Enjoy!  Feel free to comment in any of those places, or leave Feedback on the page to the left.  Alternatively, simply enjoy this image, depicting the vertical stretch of a trigonometric function.