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88-Drive to Survive

posted Jun 27, 2012, 4:30 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 8:05 AM ]

"Anyway, c'mon, we're evacuating," Circe concluded, heading for the door herself now. Lyn hesitated, as did the two security functions with their phasers.

"The Archaics have probably surrounded the building," Cosine remarked as she ushered the inverses through the door. "Secant, Cosecant, you may be needed to clear the way." The two reciprocals exchanged a glance, winked at each other, and then hurried along with the others.

"Lyn, go," Tangent stated next, emerging from behind the curtain.

Lyn reached out her hand. "Come with me!"

"I can't leave my sister, or my reciprocal!"

"I... I can't leave you!" Lyn protested. "Tangent... Slope... you're a part of me!"

"I'm nae sure any of us'll get out o' the blast radius now anyway," Cotangent said, grimacing. The stress of the moment seemed to be bringing out an accent. "Seems th' whole spire's explosive, and I've nae an idea where the interior detonator'd be."

"The others are all heading out, I put Circe in charge," Cosine said as she re-entered the room. Sine looked up and shot her twin a look that was somehow both annoyance and gratefulness at the other function's return. She then looked back at Cotangent.

"I don't suppose you could whip up some sort of fluxing fusion capacitor circuit to render the bomb temporally inert?" Sine said wryly.

Cotangent stared. "A flux... ye made up that term jest now, didn't ye?" she accused.