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87-First Officer

posted Jun 24, 2012, 6:47 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 8:02 AM ]

Sec and Csc (female) both stood, immediately going back to back and drawing phasers. Their eyelids fluttered as they scanned the room, and Lyn found herself picturing the reciprocals as two avenging angels.

"Okay," Secant began. "We need..." explanation!" Cosecant finished.

"I recognized that humming coaster as a transmitter," Circe stated. "Though it seems to have been the only one, so now I can explain - Versine's been monitoring everything going on in this room."

"Versine?" Sine and Cosine gasped in tandem.

"That's problematic," Cotangent remarked. Her own eye twitched. "She's a technical Wizard, that one." And the engineer turned the TI n-Spire to show that underneath the plaque was a timer. "This 'n'Spire seems to be a Countdown Xplosion model."

"But there's less than a minute left!" Lyn said in shock.

"Huh. I rather doubt that's enough time to defuse it," Csc (male) remarked, drawing Lyn's attention to the trio of inverse reciprocals. Sitting quietly in their theta ties, they didn't seem to have any hair at all, but their eyebrows were highly exaggerated.

"Command time," Sine declared, any trace of indecision vanishing from her features. "Number One, see to the evacuation of everyone else while me and Cotangent try to buy you some time."

"Aye," Cosine responded, immediately shooing everyone towards the door.

Lyn blinked. "Number One?" she muttered to Circe, who was closest.

Circe flicked her finger against the side of Lyn's head. "Duh. Cosine's value at zero degrees."