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81-By Cycle

posted Jun 3, 2012, 4:48 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 7:57 AM ]

"I don't remember seeing any twitch," Lyn admitted. "So I suppose she WAS Exsecant. Lying to me the whole time!"

Circe again shook her head. "Again, Lyn, you're not thinking deviously! Always best to present half truths. They cause less suspicion and are easier to keep track of. What precisely did Exsecant say?"

The blonde frowned, allowing her glasses to slide down her nose. "Um, just that they neutralized an explosive... oh, and took delivery of a memorial trophy. A TI n-Spire."

The circle rubbed her hands together. "Okay, then they probably have explosives, and likely put them in that trophy. It's up to us to get past the Archaics, and either remove it, or the parent trig, from that building."


As if in answer, there was the squealing of tires a couple of blocks away, and the sound of an approaching motorcycle became more apparent. Both Lyn and Circe turned; it came around the nearest corner moments later, a redhead in black leather in the driver's seat, with a brunette sporting a red shirt in the sidecar. The latter raised her hands to wave excitedly as she spotted Lyn, and the vehicle came to a stop next to the line.

"Lyn! Para hooked me up with someone who owns a 'cycle!" Tangent said after removing her helmet.

"No faster way to get around in the AZ," Circe admitted grudgingly.