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73-Amplifying Antenna

posted May 2, 2012, 4:37 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 7:49 AM ]

Para waved her wand in the air as her transformation finished. "See? Perfect squares are two forms in one, so I get both the factor jacket and the vertex tiara!" She smiled and crossed her arms.

Tangent, aka Slope, stared at the bunny girl. "Yeeah... no offense to my new family, but you're running out of stalling tactics. Why not just tell me what Lyn is up to?"

Para exchanged a glance with Root. The silver haired function cleared his throat. "O-kay... as a matter of fact, she's... at a seminar. Learning from Australians how finance will be taught in Canada now that they're no longer minting pennies."

Slope smiled and shook her head. She seemed about to say something else, when a puzzled look came over her face. She reached down to tap a couple of times at her belt buckle.

"Something wrong?" Para asked.

"Transmission..." the brunette murmured. She looked back at the bunny girl. "Lend me your rabbit ears," she requested, abruptly reaching out with the hand not on her belt to grab for one of Para's hair accessories.

Para let out a little 'eep!', as with the contact, a glow emanated from Slope's belt, making the girl suddenly appear a bit holographic from the waist up.

Root waved his hands in the air futilely. "Gyah! Para, I told you to switch to Digital!"