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70-An Angled Web We Weave

posted Apr 18, 2012, 4:39 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 7:47 AM ]

"What should we call you?" Lyn asked their new guiding function.

"OneMinus Cos is fine," the brunette replied, falling into step with Lyn and Circe as she pointed the way. She smiled. "We'll actually be going to Origin Central... all of the key parents are meeting there very soon to discuss TI - the Tangent Issue."

Circe, who had been staring a little dubiously at OneMinus Cos ever since her initial approach, let out a gasp of surprise. "They all decided on a single time and place for a meeting? That's unprecedented."

OneMinus Cos nodded. "It's true. I mean, it did take a month, but even the inverses will be there."

Lyn pursed her lips. "Ooh. As a self-inverse, I'm not quite sure what that would entail..."

Circe turned her attention back to the line. "Come on, you need me to explain trig inverses to you as well?!" Her brow furrowed. "Actually, there's no shame in that. Their notation is pretty ridiculous. Typical males, trying to oversimplify beyond the point of any sense."

"Hey, an explanation would let you wrap up the Circe explains arc," Lyn prompted.

OneMinus Cos blinked. "You seem very sure of your arc length."