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63-Off On A Tangent

posted Mar 18, 2012, 6:17 PM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 7:39 AM ]

Lyn looked at the floor. "I guess I don't know Trig as well as I thought I did," she admitted. "Tangent never seemed that indecisive to me."

"Well, for some, it's more taking things to extremes." Circe tapped the pencil on the table. "Why do you keep on calling her Tangent anyway? Doesn't she go by Slope now?"

The blonde blushed faintly. "Now that I know her true name, I feel like I should use it," Lyn explained. "At least in mixed company. Besides, she's only Slope when the triangle is oriented properly."

"Oh, don't get cute with me," Circe scoffed. "Why, I bet you don't even know why she's called Tangent! After all, aren't you tangent to things ninety percent of the time? Why don't we call YOU Tangent?"

Lyn opened and closed her mouth. "I... I guess I never thought about that either."

"So how about you explain it to us, Circe?" Maud requested as he set down her order of pie. "I'd be interested, and I've found you're awfully good at explanations," he continued before she could object.

"But I... that's... oh, fine!" the blue haired woman yielded, pulling over a napkin.

Maud shot a smile at Lyn. "If you ask right, I've found that Circe's not always a vicious circle," he whispered to her.