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58e-Prelude II

posted Feb 19, 2012, 8:24 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 7:27 AM ]

Eventually, the two parabolas realized that what was required was a collaborative effort.  Not only would doing this take advantage of their link, it would also allow critics to compare more directly - thereby (perhaps) putting to rest the issue of Para and ParaB's singing styles.

As it turned out, the more important result was bringing the fan base back together, and sales for the single went through the roof.

Author Notes:
How a parody gets written: I hear a song on the radio, I think 'sounds like...' or 'makes me think of...', then I look up the lyrics and go at it.  So while I know the songs have a Canadian bias, I didn't realize at first that:
 (1) this was a local talent; and (2) the official video (as compared to the radio one) features French for half the lyrics.  Of course, to make things interesting, the syllable counts I rely on aren't quite the same between the featured singers for the French and English.  So...
 (1) this song may not be getting much airtime outside my region yet, but trust me, it's catchy; and (2) I lean a bit towards the English syllable count - mes excuses, mais c'etait plus facile.  That said, for the French, merely avoid some of the parts in the (brackets). If you listen a couple times first, you'll probably be able to sing along the third time.  Assuming you try that sort of thing.