Series 3

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3.1 - Her Secret Identity
3.2 - Unfazed
3.14 - In A Jam
3.18 - Cheap Shot
3.19 - ID Ahas
3.20 - Gag Gift   
3.21 - Identity Crisis                                         3.28 - Curtain Call                                    3.35 - Aced It      
3.22 - Which Twitch is Which                      3.29 - First Officer                                    3.36 - Colour Bind
3.23 - By Cycle                                                    3.30 - Drive to Survive                             3.37 - Sing Song, Put Tan to Bed
3.24 - Power Play                                              3.31 - Familiar Ring                                 3.38 - Slippery Slope
3.25 - Roll the Bones                                        3.32 - Done For?                                       3.39 - Hat's Off
3.26 - Family Planning                                   3.33 - Halfway There                               3.40 - Final Examination
3.27 - Got the Munchies                                  3.34 - Bound to Work                               3.41 - Bar None

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Wrapup 3

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Taylor Series 3 - <Try Angles> has been forced to become fully expanded.

"But we've hacked up a way to continue the story in:
 Taylor Series 4: After Math!" (Found at that link.)

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99-Bar None

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"So that's the situation," Maud concluded. "This may be our last episode together." He looked out at all the other parent equations, which he had summoned to his bar, in order to impart the bad news.

"I should have realized who Maud was from day one," Lyn remarked to Slope, standing beside her. "It should have been as obvious to me as your identity."

"We all should have inquired after his remark about parenting," Root chimed in. "Though it's not like this is his fault."

"So now we're... unemployed?" Para said, her lower lip quivering. "Does this mean no more form changes?"

"No!" Circe declared, rubbing her hands together. "We can take over another curriculum! Turn people into animals if we have to!"

"I think a hostile takeover is premature," Maud said carefully. "There's a whole other world out there to explore first. The very world that registers on your mathematical assistance scans."

"Is this connected to that Facebook thing we managed to access after the creation of ParaB?" Hyper said, crossing her arms.

"Or that odd sense of deja vu deja vu we've been having lately?" Sine and Cosine chorused.

"I've also heard mention of tweets!" Expona cut in, Logan nodding his head slowly in agreement beside her.

"Precisely," Maud said. "Having anticipated the worst, I've spent the last month creating digital backups and alternatives, along with monitoring current mathematical trends. It's time to show we CAN expand our horizons! To that end, I have designed our one hundredth episode in video form!"

"Hey, that's extremely positive for once!" Reci said with a grin.

"Problem," came a new voice. Everyone's eyes turned towards the individual standing in the corner.

Radik III stepped forwards under the scrutiny. "I have heard of this world. However, when Specials are accounted for, our group has already passed one hundred. The next episode will be something like 119."

Maud frowned. "I was trying to avoid overcounting like that, for fear that we would get cancelled in the middle of a sent

98-Final Examination

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"Here's another thing," Maud added, to fill the ensuing silence. "If I rule against them, does that not overrule my OWN existence?"


"Well, no... but your alternative seems to be that mathematics be done merely by automation! Or with numbers on a chalkboard! That seems so... so devoid of feeling... or intuition!" Maud stood a little straighter. "In fact, you know what? I rule in favour of keeping the Math-Tans. I think they - we - do serve a purpose!"

There was a long pause. Then, finally: *OVERRULED.*

"WHAT?!" Maud sputtered.


Maud clenched his fists. "So apparently you didn't need me to serve as an observer at all!?!"


"And how are they supposed to do that without a Taylor Series to act as a framing device??"

If the entity observing them were able to shrug, Maud sensed it had just done so.  *IF THEY'RE WORTHY MATHEMATICIANS, EXPANSION SHOULD COME NATURALLY... DON'T YOU THINK?*

97-Hat's Off

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Maud stared at the message. Well, he couldn't reveal himself to the others now... not before this meeting could take place. In fact, it was with a certain degree of trepidation that he approached the designated coordinates later that week. Once there, he removed his hat and sunglasses, and waited.

*ABSOLUTE VALUE?* came the voice from above.

"Call me Modulus!" Maud called back. "I'm a complex individual!"

A pause was the only acknowledgement, followed by: *WHAT IS YOUR DECISION?*

"I need more time!" Maud retorted. "I've only been observing the Math-Tans for, what, a year? And even then, it's only been the Polynomials, the Conics, and the Trig, I'm sure given another Earth cycle..."


"Look, thirteen months is NOTHING on a cosmic scale!" Maud said, getting irritated despite himself. "Are you seriously planning to wipe out an entire race of characters merely on my say-so?"


Maud rubbed his forehead.  "Can you at least stop SHOUTING?" he requested.  "You'll make me as deaf as my sister Signum..."

96-Slippery Slope

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A few days later, everyone found themselves back at Maud's bar. This time, it was a farewell party for Slope. "It's not goodbye though," the brunette assured everyone. "Even though I'm moving back into the AZ, they passed the motion which lets me visit as Slope. Same as before."

At Maud's request, Para gave him a rundown of the events which Lyn and Circe had experienced. "Make no mistake, by the time we arrived, all the excitement was over," Para concluded. "Though apparently it's got Hyper interested in possible new applications for her asymptote rings."

"So it's a happy ending," Maud said slowly.  "That's fortunate..."

Para canted her head to the side. "Are you okay?"

Maud frowned slightly, then shook his head.  "Oh, fine, merely some things on my mind. I... well, I'll fill you in soon enough."

Across the bar, Tangent aka Slope approached Lyn, and held out a box. "Um, hey," the brunette said a bit uncertainly. "I got you a present. For going into the AZ and helping my sisters and generally being awesome."

Lyn blinked. "You... you didn't have to."

"Well, I did anyway," Tangent said, trying not to blush. "So open it."

Lyn smiled a little, then pulled the lid off the box. "Oh!" the blonde said in delight. "A pair of slippers! And they're ruby red, like your whole Trig Command motif."

Tangent nodded. "Not that you can forget me, what with our comlink, but it's so you know I'm thinking of you and... look, you get why I can't leave my sisters now, yeah?"

"I think so," Lyn said with a small smile.  "After all, what it really comes down to is... there's no place like home."


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Expona soon located a microphone.

95-Sing Song, Put Tan to Bed

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"So," Versine concluded, looking towards the command trig, "Are we done with this enterprise?"

"For now," Sine answered.

"But we'll be keeping our eyes on you," Cosine added.

"Careful, you'll get a complex," the green-shirted trig shot back, before looking towards Expona. "As for you... pick your battles better. And maybe sing a showtune with ME in it for once!"

Circe blinked and also turned to the redhead. "Expona, you still singing? I thought you were giving it up because it added to the confusion between you and Para."

"Bah! I've decided that the blonde doesn't know musicals," Expona shot back. "So no, I'm staging a return. In fact, someone find me a microphone, I'll demonstrate..."

For her part, Lyn had spent the last several minutes with Cot and Nat, as the latter looked over Tangent. "She'll be fine," the medic finally said gruffly. "Just overexerted herself. Needs rest."

"You're sure?" Lyn said worriedly.

"Well, rest and food," Nat amended. He glanced at Cotangent. "Have her take two pie and call me in the morning."

94-Colour Bind

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"Well, we can still get Exsecant on a weapons charge," Secant suggested. She pointed to where the function was now being led back to the area, flanked by both Cosecant and Expona.

"On the contrary!" Exsecant cut in. "I was firing my phaser to protect you Trigonometric ratios!"

"How does firing at me protect anything?!" Expona said hotly. "You also shot at Cosecant here too!"

"You looked dangerous!" Exsecant countered. "And with you drawing me away, upon my return I thought Cosecant was a perpetrator fleeing the scene. How was I to know?"

Sine and Cosine exchanged uneasy glances. "Our word against theirs," Cosine yielded. "Just like the last time."

"And the time before that," Sine concurred.

"But this time, you can at least charge Exsecant with impersonation of a security officer," Toc pointed out.

"Aha, yes!" Secant agreed. "Can't explain away that outfit!"

Exsecant glanced down at her yellow-gold top, which would be difficult to pass off as lime green in the current light. "Er, would you believe dry cleaning mixup?" she ventured.

Versine sighed and gestured in the air. "Oh, whatever. We'll pay the fine. Honestly, trust you reciprocals to be so clothes minded..."

93-Aced It

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As it turned out, when Lyn and the Trigonometric functions emerged from the building, they found that Versine had already been captured. Lyn almost didn't recognize her at first, as the function had removed her earlier accessories and changed into a green top.

"I saw her lurking in the building across the way," Secant remarked, holding Versine by the shoulder. "Oh, and Exsecant took a shot at us, but my sister's got her on the run."

"See how much can get done when I'm in charge?" Circe said smugly. Secant rolled her eyes.

Sine and Cosine exchanged a glance, and each raked their fingers back through their hair before stepping forwards to stare at Versine. "What do you have to say for yourself then?" the twins chorused.

Versine merely smirked. "You have nothing on me. Merely suspicions."

"Objection!" Toc said, lifting an arm high and pointing at the brunette.

Everyone turned to look at him, causing his gaze to turn sheepish as he rubbed the back of his neck. "This would look better if I had a more imposing hairstyle. Or any hairstyle." He cleared his throat. "My point stands though! If you had no hand in this, Versine, why are you here?"

"I have to be somewhere," she shot back. "Despite what the world seems to believe, I still exist!" She put her hands on her hips. "I don't care how much people redefine mathematics, doing silly things like changing the meaning of the word billion... I'm not going away!"

Sine grimaced. "Moreover, she does have a point. We've no proof, and we can't waive her rights."

"Oh, sure, now you stop waving," Circe said, palming her forehead.

92-Bound to Work

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Cotangent pulled back out of the way, the glow from her ring fading, to let the others work. Sine(?) then placed her palm on Tangent's fist. Her hair immediately began to ripple out as her eyes narrowed, and the (now single) asymptotic cone shifted colours. Which was when the explosion, that had seemed about to burst free, instead froze in place. And began to shrink back down.

"Ach, s'working!" Cotangent said.

"Wait for it," Cosine cautioned, worriedly watching her two sisters. "Sin(x)/(x) can generate unexpected results..."

Lyn frowned, aware that a part of her also felt connected to what Sine was doing. If something went wrong, might she be harmed too? Shaking her head, she pushed those thoughts aside, focusing on sending positive vibes. Well, positive ones oscillating with negative ones.

Very swiftly, as sinx/x moved further and further along her curve, the explosion got smaller and smaller... until, abruptly, Lyn blinked and it was no longer there. Nor was the TI n-spire, there was merely a charred spot on the table. Sine removed her hand; Tangent didn't immediately disengage the ring though, the strain of her actions still obvious. In fact, it was fortunate that Cotangent was there to catch her, as she collapsed a moment later.

Cosine moved in to support Sine as well, whose features were already shifting back to how she had appeared earlier. "Do they need a medic?" Lyn asked. "Should I run and get Nat?"

"No, we'd better go to him," Cosine asserted. "Worst case, there's a backup device here... best case we can help catch that shifty Archaic reflection of mine."

Sine nodded weakly. "Versine always did have a preference for the merry OLD land of AZ."

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