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50-L-Roamin' Around

posted Jan 4, 2012, 7:38 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 7:03 AM ]

"Hey, don't panic," Cubi said, now looking down through the hole in the ceiling.  "Hey, we'll get QT down there, she has IV training..."

"You know, blowing up Hyper's lab HAD been my first suggestion," came Reci's voice from behind Cubi.

"This better not have hurt Para..." Root said warningly, as he assisted in lowering QT to the pile of debris on the floor, before following her down.

The rubble then shifted, to reveal an annoyed Hyper glaring upwards. "Reci! Did you tell the Polys where to aim?!"

"Uh... well, Slope sensed you were putting Lyn in danger!"

"You Polys and your little friends!" Circe cursed. "How did you all get out of that net so quickly?!"

"Hey, you underestimate us," Cubi said, grinning.  Someone just out of sight gave her a shove.  "Hey yeah, and Maud told his first two customers of the day where we'd been headed... that helped too."

Cubi was then fully nudged aside, showing another girl with short blonde hair that partly drooped down over her face. She also seemed to be wearing a modified Japanese school uniform, and had a rocket launcher perched on her shoulder.

"Victory is ours!" Quinn declared, before making a V with her fingers.