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posted Nov 23, 2011, 4:14 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 6:51 AM ]

"Hey, enough of this, we should charge in now!" Cubi declared.  The group of them (excepting Maud himself) had departed the bar with Lyn, in order to regroup a block away from the Conics' property.

"I agree," Reci said to her. "We'll be a diversion to allow Lyn to poke around." The two of them immediately ran off towards the main entrance.

"What? Hey, you don't have a plan!" Root protested, jogging after them. "Don't you put Para in danger by being impulsive!"

Slope blinked, as she was suddenly left alone with QT. "Disorganized bunch, aren't you?" she remarked. "Moreover, Lyn just went standard again, so I can't warn her!"

"Oh dear," QT fretted, playing with the hem of her skirt. "If they go inside the field, they'll set off the alarm..." Her expression became determined. "Come on, we have to stop them!" She grasped Slope by the hand and set off in pursuit. Slope wondered if it was concern that allowed the cat girl to move so fast while in heeled boots.

"So, you think the conics have a perimeter alarm?" the shorter brunette remarked.

"No, better," QT said, breathlessly. "It's pretty easy to avoid stepping on a perimeter alarm..."