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posted Nov 16, 2011, 4:21 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 6:50 AM ]

Elly set aside her drinking glass as she regarded her cousin. "Abduction aside, isn't Para more our guest?" the purple haired mystic mused.

"Not so long as she's a Poly," Circe countered.

"Oh. Should I get her a cracker?"

Circe would have glared harder, if she'd thought there was a chance of it helping. She settled for, "It's been an hour. Bring Para, Hyper should have something by now."

"I'll get the front door instead," Elly countered, a split second before the doorbell sounded. She adjusted her orbital hair accessory and departed the room.

Circe rolled her eyes to the ceiling. "Why must my relatives constantly show off their eccentricity?"

Para scrambled to her feet. "I doubt it's intentional," she began. "They probably can't help..." And with her first step she lost her balance and fell on her face.

The blue haired girl sighed. "I need a more well rounded family."