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28-Case Study

posted Oct 12, 2011, 4:37 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 6:42 AM ]

"With you so far," Maud remarked. "Though, if the Polynomials kept Para after all, who manages her y-squared cases in the world?"

"Oh, I can tag team with Para on them," Root supplied. "It's not so bad.  Though sometimes the answers require a good deal of reflection."

"Hey, don't forget what the Conics did next," Cubi reminded. "Making a case for creating a NEW Para, under their control."

"Right, but that proposal was put on hold," QT recalled. "Pending whether Elly could get along with a new cousin - Circe."

"Yes, a test of jurisdiction," Reci supplied, adjusting his tie. "If Elly and Circe could get along, despite similar forms, it was thought that two Paras might as well."

"Yeah, the same way you 'get along' with Hyper, being a rectangular hyperbola rotated 45 degrees," Root sniped.

"I don't just do what she tells me!" Reci shot back with mounting irritation. "There's mutual respect!"

QT rubbed her nose. "Well, we can't have two Paras. We wouldn't know which Quadratic to call Para, unless we called one Para ParaPara."

Reci shook his head. "No, Para-Para is one of Lyn's synchronized dances..."