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23-Come Forth

posted Sep 21, 2011, 4:15 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 6:35 AM ]

The first sign of trouble was the knock on the bar door early in the morning. When Maud opened it, he found Quartic there. "Sorry, not open yet," he told the demure blonde.

"I've called a meeting," QT responded, nervously tapping the toe of one pink ankle boot on the ground. "I wanted a public venue where we'd all been. Though we can do it out here, that's fine..."

"Well... no, come in," Maud said, peering between the cat ears on QT's headband, wondering who was behind her.

"Thanks! The others will be along shortly, I'm sure," the blonde said in relief, as she darted inside.
Seeing no one else yet, Maud turned and closed the door, leaving it unlocked. "What's so important that it's got you, of all people, organizing a gathering?" the bartender asked. After all, from what he'd seen, QT tended to be rather shy.

"Para's missing!" QT blurted out. "Since last night! We have to help her!"

Maud blinked. "Well, one night away isn't cause for alarm..."

"No, it is, I know Para's in trouble!" QT said, lower lip quivering. "I keep an eye on her if Root can't, you see!" She blushed. "Because I can be biquadratic. But don't let on, I don't think she's realized."