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Wrapup 1

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Root cancelled his transformation with another key press. "Enough of that, I'm here to relax..."

"Here, here," Para agreed, raising her wine glass. Root lifted his coffee mug in response, and they both had a drink.

"If you think it's any good, I'd appreciate a recommendation," Maud noted.

Para smiled. "Well, sure! Along with our infinite variations out there, I bet Cubi and Radik could stop by after their waltz class..."

Root nodded. "QT would come too if you asked her," he remarked to Para, before turning back towards Maud. "Though the bar might appear friendlier with different glasses."

The bartender blinked. "You mean better crystal?"

"I mean your shades," Root clarified. "It's like you're supporting a ray ban."

Assuring them that his appearance was merely for personal reasons, Maud went back to tidying up. It was over the weeks that followed, as the bar started to see more activity, that he considered explaining his motivations to his regulars. But before he could, a bigger problem arose.

Para disappeared.


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21-Step Aerobics

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"Oh, c'mon," Para said, elbowing Root slightly. "Is my suggestion really that much of a stretch?"

"Okay, okay," Root yielded. He stood back up and tapped at his electronic pad. "Then it's 3 root(4x - 20) + 1... simplified. Root, transforming!" he concluded, his stance similar to Para's from before.

With no bow to light up, however, a headband labelled (5, 1) simply wrapped about his head, as Root held up the display on his pad.  Maud frowned.  "Six? Five? Where are these numbers coming from?"

Root sighed. "Fine, fine, showing my work." He hit a button on his pad and scrolled the screen back to show:
= (3)(root(4(x-5))+1
= (3)root(4)root(x-5)+1
= (3)(2)root(x-5)+1
= 6 root(x - 5) + 1

"What if that's not a perfect square under the root?" Maud asked. "Seems you'd have another horizontal piece."

"Nope, vertical component gets surds," Root countered.

Para chuckled. "Root's work outs avoid side stretches."


20-Symbolic Instruction

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Para waved her wand threateningly. "I know a Root that'll be HURTING if he's implying I'm not a natural blonde..."

The silver haired man chuckled, apparently now over his depression, as he held his hands up in surrender. "Joking, joking! Here, let me pay for your drink. I'll have a cup of java myself, er..."

"Maud," the bartender supplied. "Coming right up." The three of them headed back over towards the bar. As they did so, Para again tapped at her watch. In a flash, she was again dressed as she had been upon arrival, this time without any obvious coefficients.

"So, Root, can you transform yourself too?" Maud wondered, as he got the coffee.

"Euh. Yeah," the young man admitted. "But it's pretty basic."

"Oh, do '3 root(4x - 20) + 1'," suggested Para. She leaned in to clarify for Maud. "That way you can see how his horizontal and vertical components relate."

Root shrugged. "That only makes it visual basic."


19-Zero Effect

posted Sep 4, 2011, 6:12 AM by Gregory Taylor   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 6:28 AM ]

Para's expression turned serious as she tapped again at her watch. "B squared minus 4 AC is confirmed," came the electronic voice again.

"FACTOR!" Para concluded, jabbing one final button.

Maud blinked. "I didn't know you could hit a number hard enough to produce various factors," he remarked. "Though where did that wand come from?"

"Storage space," Para stated, brushing off her suit jacket.

Root stood up, suddenly looking concerned. He took a step closer to the bunny girl, reaching out to peer closer at her hairline. Para blinked, looking back at him. "Something wrong?"

He nodded. "Your roots are showing."

18-Fear Factor

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Para reached up to press both of her square earrings. With a flash, she returned to her standard form, the numbers looking as they did before.

"That was abrupt," Maud remarked.

She shrugged, reaching up to adjust her bow. "Expanding isn't that complicated. Unless you've got a tax bracket."

"I can't see how it would work," Root said suddenly. "On your side, you'd lose XX, which..." He looked up, and blinked upon seeing Para's appearance. "Oh. Foiled again."

"You can watch this time," the bunny girl assured. "I know you think I look good in the suit."

"Suit?" Maud questioned.

Para nodded. "Business suit. Polynomials, we only factor when we mean business. Zero tolerance and all that."

Root leaned across his table, a bit closer to the bartender. "If she's not a perfect square, it can also make her cross," he warned.


17-Tech Know

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"Hey, Root, don't worry," Para said, approaching to touch his shoulder. "I was still going to do a factored form, you can watch that! Also, don't you want to know why I asked you to meet up?"

"Probably a mistake," Root lamented, still with his head down. "Why would anyone want to meet me? I'm angsty, I'm irrational, I have weird hair..."

"Hey! This is your inverse you're talking to," Para chastised. "We know each other better than that! In fact, I wanted to talk to you about programming a new form for me."

Root looked up then. "Programming?"

Para smiled and nodded. "I was thinking, what if I had a version with my bunny ears to the side? I could relate to you even better!"

"Might make me redundant," Root lamented. "Though... it would be an interesting challenge..."

Maud took a step closer. "Enjoy a technological puzzle, do you?"

Root didn't answer, apparently already lost in thought, so Para turned back to Maud herself. "Well, sure, he handles everyone's technological stuff," she explained. "He has Root access."


16-Root Cellar

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Maud rubbed the back of his neck. "So, how does it look when you're factored?"

"Don't rush me," Para protested. "To do that now I'd need to equate to zero and solve myself. Better to bring back the bow, since--"

She stopped and turned at the sound of the front door. A young man walked in wearing a purple polo shirt, light coloured slacks, and loafers. His hair was long and silver, falling past his shoulders, though some central strands stuck straight up into the air - or they would, but for the fact that they curved off to the side.

"Root!" Para said in delight.

The new arrival looked up from where he'd been tapping something into an electronic pad. "Hey..."  His expression changed from neutral to obvious depression. "Oh man, I missed a form change, didn't I. I got distracted by this radical new website, and now I'm here late, and all this important stuff has happened without me... I suck."

He moved to the side and slumped into the nearest chair, resting his arm on a table before thunking his head down on top of it. Maud took a step towards him in concern, only to have Para raise her hand to stop him.

"Don't worry," the blonde assured. "Root's a bit bipolar, that's all... you can never be sure whether he'll show up acting positive or negative."


15-Minimum Effort

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"Here, let's go vertex," Para suggested. "That never fails."

She tapped her watch, then thrust her left elbow down into her right palm. "It's vertex time!" she called out... and her device spoke with an electronic voice, as Para's movements became almost automatic...

Maud stared at the result. "Wow... okay... a tiara instead of a bow? Impressive transformation sequence..."

"Ah ah!" Para admonished, shaking a finger. "Form change. A transformation is different, implies points actually moved."

"Right, sorry," Maud apologized.

The blonde grinned. "The fact that you were moved is irrelevant."

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14-Para Forming

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"Zeroes means x-intercepts... complex numbers... I can wait longer for that one to sink in," Para offered, sensing Maud's hesitation.

"No, it's fine," he assured. "I was just wondering how you might look in another form."

The blonde smiled. "I can demonstrate! Of course, I'll want to pick a quadratic individual with interesting coefficients... hold on." She took another quick sip of her drink before standing up, taking a step back, and tapping at her device. "We'll keep the ears up, have a common factor... yes, here's one."

Similar to Lyn before, the longer haired girl now thrust her left arm out to the side. "Quadratic, transforming!"

The centre of the bow tied around Para's neck suddenly lit up, displaying the numeral '-24', even as her watch began to flash a '3'. Added to this, her earrings morphed to the point where each of them was able to display the numeral '-6'.

"Standard form, 3 x-squared, minus 6 x, minus 24," Para declared. She righted herself and clicked her heels together. "Now, which form, vertex or factored?"

Maud rubbed his chin. "Is one more graphic?"

Para shrugged. "They're both Cartesian."


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