External Links

Other webcomics, mathematically connected:
                xkcd (by Randall Munroe)
                Spiked Math (by Mike)
                (x, why?)  (by Chris Burke)
                Strange Quark Comics  (by Dallin S. Durfee)
                The Math Plane  (by Lance Friedman)
                mathTICs (by Dominik Zeillinger)
                Triangle and Robert  (by Patrick Shaughnessy - run finished)

Other personification sites:
               Original Hetalia Webcomic Site (in Japanese, by Hidekaz Himaruya)
               Hetalia Indexes (English information)
               Hetalia Scanlations  (translated) 
               Afganisu-tan  (Translation of Afghais-tan comics)
               Operating System (OS)-tans  (the original 'tans)

The mathematics behind the math-tan characters:
                List of mathematical functions
                Math Wiki

Random math:
               Goodwin's Law (pi in Indiana - different from Godwin's law)
               360 Wordpress  (real life math out there; includes Math Mistakes)
               Dan's Math (lotsa lessons and over 200 problems of the week)