About the Author

Gregory Taylor is a mathematics teacher in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Music. He also has a Bachelor of Education from Queen's University for teaching Math and Computers. He has won some fanfiction awards. He has not won anything for his drawing ability, but has been told it isn't terrible.

To contact him, try:  mathtans@gmail.com.com  - without repeating the .com
  (I don't get a lot of messages, but tend to check the account on weekends.)

About the Series'

The idea came to me at Anime North 2011, while watching Hetalia, and realizing that (to a certain extent) I was being educated. I reasoned that if personifications of countries could help history or geography, why not have personifications of math? I immediately sketched out some key personality features. After the convention, I checked online, and to my surprise, found that no one had really tried this before. (Though some places personified math and algebra as scary, all the more reason to make more approachable versions!) What followed was a month of expanding my knowledge on drawing, writing, and websites. To start July 2011, this was the result.

It ended in 2014. Then returned in 2015 as a webcomic, at http://mathtans.ca