Senior Project  

Senior Project is a one credit course designed to offer students the opportunity to explore career interests through a research paper, internship, and product or service.  Students locate a mentor in the community in their area of interest and write a research paper that prepares them for a twenty hour internship at the mentor’s place of business.  Following the internship, students return to the classroom to complete the research paper, produce a product and prepare for the Senior Project Panel, a public forum at which students present their work. 



1. Junior Year

    • Junior Meeting
    • Parent Meeting
    • Work with counselor/scheduling department/Librarian
    • Develop mentor network
    • Faculty buy-in
2.  Senior Year (Block schedule – Five 90 minutes classes each week)

Weeks 1-6

  • Select topic, mentor, site
  • Interviews, organization journal
  • Write research paper
Weeks 6 – 12 Internship
      •  Internship teams
      •  Accountability - Log sheets
      •  Journals
      •  Mentor verification form
 Weeks 13 - 18 Product development and Binder construction


Project Panel
    Locate judges and moderators
    Students prepare presentations

    Survey Monkey for Judges
    Letters to Junior Class