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    All our wreaths are hand made using fresh cut materials from the variety of farm trees. Wreaths and garland can be made using a single type of greenery or by blending different types of greenery together.    You will not find fuller or fresher wreaths at  these prices. 
Wreath Care:
Our wreaths will last for quite a while with little or no care (4-6 weeks, some of our customers claim longer).  As they are made for live materials, just like all plants, they will benefit from some care.  To prolong the freshness of your wreath spray it with water and try to keep it out of direct sun light. 

List of Greenery Types


Leyland Cypress - has a dark green flat leaf whose fan shape can add nice contrast and texture


Eastern Red Cedar - adds nice scent and fluff, comes in variety of hues from yellow to deep bluish green


Virginia Pine - has strong limb structure for support, while its short needles have a deep green hue, good for adding texture and contrast

Carolina Sapphire - has a distinct blue contrasting color, as well as a strong scent

White Pine - light blue green hue with a light fluffy appearance.


Deodora Cedar - has a light blue green hue with needles sparsely placed on limbs for a nice contrasting texture


Fraser Fir- has a strong supportive structure to limbs as well as a nice green color and fullness in its needles.
Magnolia - A traditional  holiday decoration in the south.  The big glossy leaves with their velvet backs make a huge impact.
We also like to collect different types of wild foliage such as:  rabbit tobacco, sumac, deer moss, various grasses, holly, etc... and incorporate these into our wreath design.  Allowing us to creates whimsical and unique wreaths.


We also have a selection of handmade bows for you to choose from.  These are very reasonably priced beginning at $5.