Technology Resume

Taylor Medlock

Technology is an area I am very interested in. It is something that, as a future teacher, is crucial to my professional success and development.  I have used a limited amount in my schooling and would like to expand my knowledge to more effectively teach. I am knowledgeable in a few areas of technology that would be helpful in a classroom setting.  

Skills and Knowledge:

Use of Microsoft Word to type documents in a timely and proper manner, utilizing spell-check and other applications.

Ability to use email and other forms of online communication to contact parents and students quickly

Use of canvas to predict grades and other helpful data for transcripts

Use Google Sites to create and manage a personal website to share information

Creating Powerpoints to present information in an interesting format


Courses in technology and other Word applications in high school and college

Preparing papers and projects in almost every course taken in college using online sources

Skills I want to learn:

How to use Prezi to create digital presentations

How to more effectively use Microsoft applications such as Excel


It is very important to master these basic areas of technology to be the very best I can while pursuing my education degree. A continuous learning process will continue due to ever changing technology. The integration of technology into my lesson plans is necessary to keep my students interested and engaged in what is going on in class.