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Reflection 3 on lesson plan

The lesson developed in Chapter 3 can be altered to incorporate technology in a multitude of ways. The lesson consists of a series of task that include research, different forms of art, and using different forms of technology.  This lesson plan can use technology as a tutor, mindtool, and conversation support. This activity can be used as a tutor due to its ability to give students the ability to learn new information from technology. They will use a computer or Ipad to research and put their new found information into action. Along with that comes the ability to use this lesson plan in a way that presents technology as a mindtool. The overall goal of this project is to give the students a chance to create their own scene from a book. They have the power to come up with their own background of whatever is going on using whichever means they choose. Those students very artistic with crayons my choose to draw, while those better with computers may use graphics. This gives the students the opportunity to create something that is unique to their interest and abilities. The last area of authentic learning that is included in this lesson is conversation support. This project gives students the ability to collaborate by making group work one of the most important aspects of its completion. The ability to incorporate all of these areas helps ensure this lesson to be effective and memorable for my students.