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Reflection 2

A lesson described as having “best practice” qualities would exemplify what it means to successful convey understanding to your students. I feel that I experienced a few lessons that have these qualities. The first lesson I think of was during my seventh grade year. Mrs. Mazzola was very creative and engaging. While reading A Wrinkle in Time, we were instructed to put together an ad for the book in groups. While the assignment itself was not terribly difficult, it was exciting and fun to get to put our own spin on the characters of the book. We were able to use computers to find pictures and create our advertisements on word documents. We researched other things about that book that maybe we had looked all while absorbing information about the book. Through discussion and collaborative work, the book was much more entertaining and I can still recall information learned from this experience.             

As a teacher with more advanced technology at my disposal, I could recreate this assignment with a few changes. By making the group work with ipads rather than computers, they could all be looking at different things for their project. I would also like to challenge myself and the students with the idea of making a small commercial, rather than just an advertisement. This would require larger group sizes and more work of explanation on my part, but I feel it could be very worthwhile!