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Websites Bibliography

Fun Websites for Students
1. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives :  This website has categories for each grade level, making it easy for students to navigate. It offers games based on different math topics that vary in difficulty. This website challenges students with material in the fun context of a game.
2. Smithsonian Education for Students : This website not only includes fun activities, it also introduce students to virtual trips of the different Smithsonian exhibits. These can be used as a mini field trip for students throughout the week. This website also puts historical events into a scenarios children  are familiar with, such as ads or news reports.
3. IXL Math and Language :This website uses games to practice different skills based on grade level. The games are set up Jeopardy style, allowing the student to pick which questions they would like to answer. It is very colorful which keeps the website fun and entertaining for students.
4. KidBlog :An online publisher for students keeps children engaged in writing all while playing on the computer. The easy to use website gives the teacher the ability to control post that go on throughout her private classroom blog. It encourages written communication while also giving students the ability to communicate with classmates.
5. ABCYA : Fun animations and bright colors make this website perfect for elementary students. It practices reading while also encouraging early technology skills. It is available as an app on Ipads for convenience.    
Helpful Websites for Teachers
1. Crayola : This website is set up in an easy to navigate manner. It offers printables related to current holidays or events, as well as lesson plans. This website is great for turning a regular lesson into one with expression, while being fun for students.
2.  NSTA : This website helps teachers and students with exploring science and provides detailed lesson plan outlines. It outlines standards and correlates those standards to different activities. This website is helpful for building activities and structuring class time.
3. Read Works : This website offers teachers lesson plans, novel units, and other activities to incorporate into your reading lesson. It focuses on helping instructors improve students' reading comprehension through different passages and activities. This website is easy to navigate and very clear.  
4. English for Everyone : Printable paragraphs for students to correct and other reading based activities can be found on this site. It provides worksheets on almost all parts of grammar and sentence structure. The simplicity of the site makes it very functional for teacher even not very familiar with technology.
5.  Teacher Brain :While it is not exclusively for teachers, this website incorporates students activities with lesson plans, printables, and free print out board games. It also includes directions for work stations and collaborative groups. It does charge for certain worksheets, but at a discounted price.