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Safety Tips

When working with students in an elementary setting, following certain rules of computer safety ensures a positive experience when working with technology:
-Make sure work area is tidy
-Do not keep food or drinks around work area
-When online, practice safe internet habits. Do not share personal information.
-When using tablets, be sure they are securely placed in cases before carrying or picking up.
-Be sure to log out of any sites before leaving computer or tablet. 
-If using social media for a school-based assignment, be sure that information is presented in an appropriate manner.

As a teacher, how I behave around technology and online will influence how my students react. By using safe internet practices and taking care of my materials, I can provide a good example for my students. The children I will be teaching are some of the most technology savvy people to exist. By working with my students to incorporate technology in a safe and useful way into their assignments, they will have a positive and productive means to express their interest in technology.