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Digital Tools

 Taxonomy Level Activity/ StrategyTechnology Tool  Rationale
 Understanding Multiple Choice games and Reading ActivitiesABC Learning Mouse App I would use this app as a supplement to instruction, as well as allowing students to first interact with new material in a game like manner, making it more interesting to them. 
 Understanding/ Applying Drawing out math problems, multiple choice, and matching activites Second Grade Splash Math AppThis app is helpful in its ability to allow students to apply what they know about math into problems they would actually face, such as shading in circles or matching a circle they drew to a possible answer.  
Remembering/ Understanding  Offers instruction and assistance in Math, Language Arts, and Health using games and short quizzes  iTooch Elementary AppThis app gives students the freedom to go over areas they feel they struggle with, while also allowing the teacher to monitor their progress. I would use this as a supplement, as well as a resource to a student struggling in that area.   
Applying/ Evaluating/ Understanding Uses digital coins and scenarios to teach students money value and real life instruction  Amazing Coin Education AppThis app would especially helpful when teaching different coin values if physical coins are not present. Also allows students to practice skills from any location.  
 Applying Uses questions, videos, and examples of problems to show different math strategiesDoodle Math App This app would be used heavily when covering decimals,an abstract concept for children to grasp. This app puts decimals into a context children can easily compare and  put in order. 
 Creating/ Understanding/ remembering Tablet based Tracing of letters ABC Pocket Phonics AppPerfect for younger students, this app would give tracing and practicing letters the excitement of using technology. Also assist students in practicing writing on their own and sounding out phonics. 
Remembering/ Applying   Flash Card like presentations allow quick practice of materials Elementary Minute App by allowing students to  work in pairs using this app, quizzing each other can be such easier without physical flashcards and entertaining graphics keep them interested. 
 Remembering Gives adjustable quizzes and number lines. Also includes timer and grading out of 100%. MQuiz AppGreat for students to practice at home, this app is mos useful for upper elementary age children. It highlights incorrect answers and shows patterns in mistakes the students are making in order to help correct them.  
 UnderstandingScoring is done by tracking the accuracy and time it takes to choose a digital pizza displaying the proper fraction.  Pizza Fractions AppThe app is a fun way to incorporate real life situations into math lessons. Could be done with a pizza party to conclude the study of fractions and show demonstrations.  
 Remembering/ Understanding Uses digital states to teach states and capitals, as well as fun facts to help remember locations.  Explore the USA with Roxy AppCould be used on smart board to introduce states and capitals, as well as  physical landmarks. The app also includes digital stories that could be played to engage students in why they are learning the information presented.